How to Convert PDF to Word (.doc format)

The line separating .pdf  or .docs documents from Word is not always clear: curricula, academic papers, and any other types of documents can come in one of two formats. With these sites, you will know how to convert PDF to Word (.doc format) or Word to PDF online without too many complications and online.

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Both documents have their advantages, but the interesting thing is to work with the format that you have more freedom to view or edit. Here’s how to do the conversion:

How to Convert PDF to Word (.doc format)

PDF to Word (.doc)

To convert from PDF to Word:

  1. Access the site PDF to DOC;
  2. Click Upload Files or drag the document to the designated area;
  3. When the upload is finished, just click Download and that file will be downloaded.

Yes, that’s all!

Word (.doc) to PDF

If you want to do the opposite conversion (from Word to PDF):

  1. Enter the PDF Converter website;
  2. Click Select any file to send any Word, Excel or PowerPoint document;
  3. Your document will be converted into PDF;
  4. When the conversion is finished, just click  Download and your document will be downloaded.

Isn’t it easy??

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