How to convert PDF to Excel (spreadsheets in .xls)

If you have a spreadsheet in .PDF and want to convert this file to native Microsoft Excel format or compatible with Google Sheets (Drive) and Numbers ( Apple ), free web apps can help convert PDF to Excel.

Files are usually saved/printed in PDF to prevent edits and to be shared lightly and compatible with various reading platforms.

However, if you want to edit a PDF spreadsheet while maintaining table formatting, you may want to convert the PDF to .XLS (compatible with Microsoft Excel ).

See websites and apps that can help you convert PDF to Excel:

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC;
  2. SmallPDF;
  3. PDF Converter;

How to convert PDF to Excel (spreadsheets in .xls)

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (for Windows and MacOS)

The Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a paid program but can be used for free for 7 days (good in case of an urgent and unique demand without frequency of use).

After free days, you have to pay about $15 per month. With it you can create PDFs, convert scans, images, Web pages and Microsoft Office files into PDFs and edit PDF directly (including text, images and editing tables).

SmallPDF for Excel (without installing anything)

The SmallPDF Excel to convert a .PDF file sent from the user’s computer, the Dropbox or Google Drive in XLSX file. The default XML-based file format for Excel 2010 and Excel 2007. You can not store the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro code or Excel 4.0 macro spreadsheets (.xlm).

How to Convert PDF to Excel (SmallPDF)

  1. Go to the page;
  2. Send your PDF file by dragging and dropping on the page;
  3. Let the PDF be converted into an editable worksheet;
  4. You just need to download it (or send it to your cloud ).

There is a limit of two free tasks per hour – or the collection of $6 monthly or $48 per year for unlimited use. If you need more free PDF to Excel conversions, you may have to wait, clear cookies, or use another browse *.

PDF Converter (unlimited)

The PDF Converter offers the same function as SmallPDF. However, it promises unlimited file conversions, no queues, if you become a member paying $9 monthly. There are semiannual plans (US $39), annual (US $69) and lifetime (US $99).

If you need only two conversions, it works for free at 1-hour intervals. The cookie and browser trick* can also be used.

* Using incognito browser does not work in these cases, it is necessary to open another browser.

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