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Techkhiladi.com is here for help you with understanding latest technology. We try to explain things in a very simplified and easy way.

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Daily life tech: In this section, you will find awesome tips and tricks for smartphone, computers, websites related to our daily life.
Word press: In this section, we will see how to create an awesome website from very beginning with WordPress.
Search Engine Optimization(SEO): In this section, you will find the interesting articles related to my SEO strategy, this will help you in increasing your website traffic by genuine methods.

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Ankit Bhardwaj

Ankit Bhardwaj is Co-Founder of ‘Techkhiladi’. He has deep interest in learning things related to the digital world and love to sharing his knowledge with others through blogs.

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Tarun Bhardwaj

Tarun Bhardwaj is Co-Founder of ‘Techkhiladi’. A fan of the world of video games for PCs since childhood, from the days of games on Floppy Disk and the last glories of the Commodore, reading magazines such as PC Gamer, Games For My Computer and many others. Even the other platforms intrigue me, but the first love never forgets.

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