How to convert a PDF file to PPT (PowerPoint)

You can convert PDF files to PPT or PPTx. If you have a ready slide show only in PDF version and need to convert it to PTT – editable format Microsoft PowerPoint – to make last minute adjustments or start the presentation, you can do it online without installing any program.

It is worth remembering that, during the automatic conversion to the Web, small graphical problems like incompatibility of fonts, images and other objects (that later will demand corrections in all the slides and some patience) may occur.

Websites can help convert PDF to PPT

  1. SmallPDF:
  2. ILovePDF:
  3. Clever PDF:
  4. Free PDF Convert:
  5. Nitro PDF:

In all three cases, just visit the page, upload and convert to PPT or PPTx.

Some sites place limits on total converted articles for free per day.

Then just download the converted file to the computer and make the necessary changes before starting your presentation in any other format. If you want to print slides back to PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint already offers the option to “Save”. Convert PDF to PTT is an ideal feature to reopen already closed slides or retrieve old presentations with relevant data and graphics.

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