The 4 best Linux distributions to repair problems of your Windows PC

Know which are the best Linux distributions for you to fix the errors and recover files from a troubled PC Most people use Windows to perform various day-to-day tasks, both for work and for leisure. Although the Microsoft operating system has undergone several improvements, you never know when you will have a problem caused by it […]

Is your smartphone slow? Here are best tricks to improve performance

Not everyone can afford a state-of-the-art device with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or the Kirin 985. In fact, the world’s best-selling smartphones are mid-range or mid-range, with the passage of time they will present themselves a little slower or with strange beacks, commonly called lag. If you are a fan of games, certainly the […]

Apple will change MacBook Air 2018 faulty logic board for free

Apple will offer the exchange of some models without cost MacBook Air 2018 in Apple Stores, maintenance service providers and authorized resellers. According to a document obtained by the site MacRumors, the company detected a technical problem with the logic board of one of the lots of the device. The document does not indicate what type of failure was detected […]

7 Best free and offline games on the Google Play Store

Sometimes we want to play and not be bothered with notifications of all kinds. Of course, you can turn on airplane mode and disconnect from the world but what if the game needs Internet access? That’s why today we show you 7 free games that do not require an Internet connection to play. These offline […]

What is Wireless Charging and how does it work in phones and other devices

A solution that started just for charging smartphones, can already be used with mouse, smart clocks and headphones. Learn how wireless charging systems work. Although technically, charging wirelessly does not involve the connection of the device you want to charge to a cable or electrical outlet, you will, in fact, need to connect the base […]