Why discord is down and Facts you need to know about it

Recently the Discord service was down and cannot be accessed by millions of users. Down of Discord was allegedly due to network problems that had been faced by Cloudflare, content delivery network (CDN) services. After being down for several hours, Discord service has now recovered and can be accessed again.

Although the name sounds unfamiliar, Discord service is a very popular service among gamers. Want to know more, let’s see interesting facts about Discord.

1. What is Discord?


Discord is a free chat service similar to Skype or Slack. Discord service is specifically intended for gamers, to make it easier for them to chat in cyberspace, as well as coordinating and chatting while playing games.

Just like most chat services, Discord supports video calls, voice chat and text. Discord also has features that make it easy to find and add friends, so this service is not only used for communication while playing games, but also social communication as usual.

Discord also has a group community that contains members with similar interests. This group is usually called a server and there is a private and open nature. Although made specifically for gamers, many servers also focus on various topics such as anime, cryptocurrency, or just to socialize.

Today Discord has more than 250 million users. Even popular games like PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG also have an official server on Discord.

2. What distinguishes Discord from other chat services

If you want to talk with some friends while playing games, you can actually do it with Skype or Discord. But Discord has several featured features, such as the ability to run applications in the browser, can change the volume of each individual microphone, and offer voice chat with lower latency.

If you install Discord on a PC, you can access it via an overlay when playing games. So when you want to change the audio level or type something quickly you don’t have to move to another window.

3. Can Be Used Anywhere

Discord is available for PC, both for Windows or Mac which can be downloaded at the official website. You can also access Discord through the browser directly, but this version has a slightly limited feature.

Apart from using a PC, you can also access Discord on Android and iOS smartphones so you can chat anywhere. The features are mostly the same as the PC version but there are also some features that are not available such as screen sharing.

4. Popular services with Game Streamer

Discord is a service that is popular among game streamers, especially for gamers who broadcast their gaming sessions on Twitch or YouTube. This service has a special feature for streamers called Streamer Mode which allows game streamers to hide invitation codes, DiscordTags and other personal information if they suddenly appear on the screen while streaming.

In short, the Discord server owned by a streamer can be a place of unlimited interaction between streamers and their followers, whether they are live streaming or not.

5. What is Nitro Discord?

Although it can be accessed for free, Discord also has a paid version called Discord Nitro. Subscription fees start at USD 5 per month or USD 50 per year. By subscribing to this feature you can access additional features such as a larger photo upload limit – from 8MB to 50MB – and also better screen sharing quality.

Some other additional features are that you can also use animated avatars and emojis in chat. Besides that you can also change the DiscordTag number using your own name and you will get a special badge that shows your support to Discord.

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