Laptop Keyboard not Working : Here’s how to fix

One of the problems that occur on laptops is with keyboard. The keyboard can be damaged because it is too often used for typing. When your laptop keyboard has been damaged or even some buttons are not working, you should not need to panic much. Before buying a new laptop or bringing it to a repairman, … Read more

Why discord is down and Facts you need to know about it


Recently the Discord service was down and cannot be accessed by millions of users. Down of Discord was allegedly due to network problems that had been faced by Cloudflare, content delivery network (CDN) services. After being down for several hours, Discord service has now recovered and can be accessed again. Although the name sounds unfamiliar, Discord service is a … Read more

How to Add and Assign Roles in Discord


Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging application, originally designed for gamers, offers lots of features that also make it attractive, including for professional use. Discord works using a system of servers in which several chat rooms (channels), for text or voice, can be created. If you have an especially large server, you may want … Read more

How to delete Twitch account


You decided to delete twitch account because you are no longer satisfied with it or, simply, because you do not intend to continue using it. So you would like to know how to delete Twitch Account without making mistakes and you are looking for step by step procedure, right? Well, then know that you just happened to … Read more

How to Delete League of Legends Account

League of Legends  (LoL) is an online PC game that is focused on multiplayer and team matches. Although it is fun, you may find yourself addicted to this. You realized video game addiction binding you to devote much of your time and energies to videogames, compromising physical activity, social relationships and reducing the concentration of … Read more