31 Most useful Discord keyword shortcuts

Discord was born as the main communication service between gamers or video game fans. Being this, a multiplatform app that consists of a free chat, video streaming feature, it has gained notable recognition worldwide. Therefore, although its primary objective was based on simplifying the possibilities of communication between online players, today it is used for other purposes as well.

If you are also a discord user and prefer to use discord from your computer and choose to install its PC application, it is very useful to use the different keyboard shortcuts that Discord supports. Which provides you to get a faster and more comfortable experience.


Here are shortcuts along with the functions they perform :

Function Shortcut
Navigate between servers Control + ALT + UP Arrow / Control + ALT + DOWN Arrow
Navigate between Channels ALT + UP Arrow / ALT + DOWN Arrow
Navigate between unread Channels ALT + Shift + UP Arrow / ALT + Shift + DOWN Arrow
Navigate between unread Channels with mentions Control + Shift + ALT + UP Arrow / Control + Shift + ALT + DOWN Arrow.
Activate keyboard shortcuts Control + /
Go to the oldest unread message Shift + Page Up
Go back to previous text channel Control + B
Return to the active Audio Channel Control + ALT + A
Go back to Previous text channel ALT + Left arrow
Mark Channel as read Esc
Mark Server as read Shift + Escape
Move chat up or down Page Up / Page Down
Create or join a Server Control + Shift + N
Start call in private or group chat Control + [
Answer an incoming call Control + Enter
Reject incoming call Escape
Find or start a direct message Control + K
Create a private group Control + Shift + T
Center text area Tab
Mute Control + Shift + M
Squelch Control + Shift + D
Upload a file Control + Shift + U
Show pinned message popout Control + P
Show mentions popout Control + @
Show list of Channel members Control + U
Show list of Emojis Control + E
Help Control + Shift + H

These all shortcut will help you to use Discord with ease.

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