7 best music bots for Discord Server and how to add

Give your Discord server more flavor and rhythm with music bots! It is, without a doubt, one of the best features of this app. If you want to enjoy music, and songs of all kinds while chatting with your friends, know the 7 best music bots that you can add now for Discord.

1. Groovy

Groovy is Discord’s best-known music bot. It offers songs with little delay for platforms like YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and others. The program allows you to search for different kinds of music, add the lyrics, create playlists or put them in shuffle mode, that is, change randomly. And much more!

Groovy is also known for the ease of use with its commands and for the stability of the service provided. It includes some Premium functions that you will have to pay for, such as sound filters, speed and tone changes, advanced volume controls, etc.

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2. Ayana

Ayana is one of the bots for Discord that is gaining acceptance. In addition to other tools, its main task is to set your server with music from YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud and others. The fun is taking advantage of its functionalities to exchange reactions and images as you listen to your favorite songs.

Two of the great virtues of the Ayana bot is that you can interact with your own language and that it is not necessary to configure much to use it on the server. He is also very active and gradually receives more tools. A very complete music bot! Don’t hesitate to try it; you will fall in love soon.

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3. Rythm

rythm bot discord

Another music bot that is extremely popular as Rythm has already been installed on over 5 million Discord servers. Little is said! As with Groovy and Ayana, this bot has a quality guarantee for listening to music and maintains a simple interface, with multiple practical commands.

In addition to playing songs from the main platforms, Rythm allows you to import YouTube playlists and stream Twitch streams. If you are an administrator, the bot offers a very intuitive panel with which you can easily control everything, in addition to assigning who may or may not be the “DJ” of the server.

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4. Fredboat

fredboat bot discord

Fredboat is a somewhat more complicated music bot compared to the ones above, full of features. Play music through YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Twitch, Mixer … In addition to direct links, this bot supports the inclusion of YouTube or SoundCloud playlists. You can also search for those songs for these platforms.

If you are looking for a great advantage, here you are: Fredboat is completely free and does not require any configuration to function. Awesome!

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5. 24/7

discord bot 24 7

The 24/7 bot is less popular and comprehensive than others in terms of tools and commands, but it is not much worse for that. Its differentiating elements are that it can play radio music and include songs and videos of any length. There are no limits! Of course, to access options such as volume control, custom commands and better sound quality, you must subscribe to the Premium version.

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6. Vexera

discord bots vexera

Vexera is another option that is modest, but is also functional. A good incentive to install this bot is that it is available in 15 different languages ​​and that the moderation commands are practical. Unfortunately, Vexera requires that you purchase the Premium version to offer basic options like volume control, auto play, etc.

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How to add music bots on your Discord server

Adding a bot to Discord is quite simple, as you only need to follow a few steps. To show you how, we will use Groovy bot as an example. Here are steps:

  1. First of all, go to Groovy ‘s website
  2. On Groovy’s home page, you’ll see the “Add to Discord” button. For other bots, you may need to navigate the page to find this button, but it usually appears at first glance. Instead, sometimes you will see the button “Invite” or similar. Press that button, which will take you to the Discord website.
  3. If you are not connected to the Discord website, sign in to discord.
  4. Then you will see this:
  5. Select the server to which you want to add the bot
  6. Review the permissions you are going to give the bot and then press the “Authorize” button. Of course, keep in mind that you must be the owner of the server to add bots.

Using this method you can add bots on your server easily and have fun.

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