Discord security & privacy tips : Keep your account safe and secure

As you know, many companies, schools or teams need apps to get in touch. Discord is one of the most interesting for that since it allows you to create several chat rooms in which different users can enter and exit at their choice or delete discord account permanently. There is no limit of members, so several users can make a video conference if they want from their own device.

This increasing popularity has caught the attention of some hackers who have created new versions of a virus t0 steal users’ data.

How to keep your Discord account safe

Discord is a very important tool in these times for both talking to friends and coworkers. However, it is advisable that you know some tips so that nobody enters your account and steals your user data or your conversations. 

The first security measure you should take is two-step authentication. It is a feature that has reached all kinds of apps and that increases security.

Steps for two-step authentication in discord

two factor discord

  1. Open discord app
  2. Go to settings
  3. From here you will have several activation options from using an authentication application such as Google Authenticator, through a QR code or a numeric code that you will receive in your associated account.

This way you can Enable two-factor authentication.

The Second security measure you can enable is to scan the messages you get on discord.

Steps to Enable Safe Direct Messaging

scan messages discord

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then go to Privacy & Safety Tab
  3. Discord also allows you to scan every message you receive, you can choose between three options. 
    • Keep me safe ( Scan all messages you receive from everyone)
    • My friends are nice (Scan everyone except friends)
    • I live on the edge ( Don’t scan Anything)
  4. This can keep you safe from spam messages and links

In case you feel that your account has been hacked you can always use the recovery options or change your password to be sure that nobody has your new password, although you should also activate the previous options.

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