IOTransfer 4 : The Ultimate iPhone/iPad Manager and Video Downloader

Are you looking for a fast, reliable iOS transfer tool? then you are in the right place. We will see how IOTransfer 4 shines more than any of the other such utilities out there, as we go through this article.


What will you do if you want to transfer a file urgently to your computer? Will you choose the old wired way or the easy wireless way? although some people still love to use USB cables to transfer files, It is the time to get rid of wires completely to increase efficiency… If you are using wireless method then there are only minimal factors influencing the speed thus the transfer efficiency will get increased. The utility installed on your devices determines the behavior of the task completely, that’s why we are suggesting you use the best utility like IOTransfer 4.

Unlike other utilities, IOTransfer 4 is not only equipped with the main feature, but it also has many other useful features as well. Its time to see the bright features which in turn makes it shiniest.

Transfer with a single click

Transferring made as simple as picking a flower from the garden, just within a click you can back up/ export all your photos to your computer or select whatever you wish and just keep transferring. Not only photos you can also transfer music, videos, contacts, books, audiobooks, podcasts, apps, and iPhone/iPad data to and from your computer. So it is clear that even if any unexpected things happen your data will be safe in the hands of IOTransfer 4.

Transferring made hassle-free with Wireless Transfer

As we mentioned before no more sufferings of handling USB cables, this utility uses WIFI which facilitates the efficient and safe transfer of photos, videos, music, etc…

Composed of Free Online Video Downloader

IOTransfer 4 can also be used as an online video downloader, if you have this utility installed in your device then there is no need to search for any other online video downloaders. It can be used to download videos from almost all of the popular websites like youtube. The Instagram live download is also supported by IOTransfer 4.

Equipped with Powerful Video Converter

You can convert your video formats, and transfer instantly to your mini devices to watch your favorite shows in any of the formats. Also, it is possible to convert iPhone video to mp3 so that you can convert the video songs to mp3. Almost all of the formats are supported some of those are: MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, MP3.

Why you are waiting for, clean up your device now

It is always good to have a look at unwanted/junk files regularly, removing those will help to increase the performance of the device. IOTransfer 4 includes Deep & Safe clean options to keep your device healthy. Whenever you feel hang/stuck, just remember you have a powerful tool in handy.

We have seen some of the powerful features of the utility. Do you think we are going to stop here?  There are some more features to showcase, just have a look.

  • Instagram Downloader – You can download photos and videos directly to your device easily.
  • GIF Maker – No need to get a separate GIF maker tool if you have this utility, make use of the most.
  • iCloud Manager – Manage your photos and videos in iCloud in a more effective way. You can simply drag and drop the files to and from the iCloud. It is possible to delete files in bulk from all synced devices.
  • Similar Photo Cleaner – Deleting duplicate photos made easy through IOTransfer 4, The intelligent technology can identify similar photos quickly.

Now let’s have a look at the pricing details.

Although you can try this software for free, in order to enjoy the full features for a prolonged period, then you may have to get any of these licenses.

PRO-Version – You can enjoy all of the features except lifetime upgrades in 3 PCs for 1 year at $26.99 and if you wish to upgrade to lifetime license then you can do that also.

We have already seen that IOTranfer 4 is not just a file transferring utility, it includes many other features like online free video downloader, iCloud Manager, Video Converter, Device cleaner, etc… So the users will enjoy the benefit of multiple utilities in a single software.

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