Guide to delete Discord account Permanently

Have you created an account on Discord application but are no longer using it and do not want to keep your data saved? Or you have discord privacy and security related issues? The following explains how to permanently delete your account and data.

We will also explain how to disconnect Discord from other services that you have connected within your account.

How to delete Discord account

Step: 1. Before deleting your Discord account, make sure you have connected the service to any social network, or to Steam or Spotify or another online service. To do this, go to discord official page. If the page does not open, click on the gear icon to open the settings.delete Discord account Permanently 1

Step: 2. Then click on “Connections” in the left menu. On the right side of the page, click on the “x” on the right side of the services to disconnect them.

delete Discord account Permanently 2

Step: 3. Then confirm by clicking on “Disconnect”.

Step: 4. Now proceed with deleting the account, for that click on “My account” in the left menu. Then click on the “Edit” button to the right of your username.

delete Discord account Permanently 3

Step: 5. Click the “Delete account” button.

delete Discord account Permanently 4

Step: 6. Enter your password and confirm the deletion by clicking on “Delete account”. Your data will be erased and cannot be recovered.

Whoever doesn’t want to delete the account forever, can just deactivate it for a while by clicking on “Disable account”, then just log in to use the account again whenever you want.

If you have followed all the steps, you will be able to delete Discord account permanently and delete all your data and information from it for always.

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