How to reduce size of a PDF File (Compress) Online

If you need to send a very long and heavy document, you can reduce the size of the PDF file without having to install anything. The feature is often useful when there is a limit on the size of attachment uploads to websites, emails, and messengers. You can do it using the tools: SmallPDFI Love PDF or PDF Compressor.

How to decrease the size of a PDF file

To compress the PDF, use one of the webapps mentioned above, let’s use SmallPDF.

  1. Go to;
  2. Drag and drop the file to the center of the page;
  3. Wait for the compression (a few seconds only);
  4. Download your file in a reduced size;

SmallPDF says it reduces scans to 144dpi, an ideal size for sending files via the web and by email. You can upload files from your computer, or from Google Drive and Dropbox. And because PDFs are almost always working documents, it’s natural to be concerned about what happens to the files later.

The site states that your files will be permanently deleted from the server after one hour of compression and that no one will have access, with guaranteed privacy.

How Smallpdf runs in the browser and works on all platforms: Mac, Windows or Linux(there is a version of SmallPDF Desktop, to reduce the size of offline files). On cell phones, you can also get emergency alerts in the mobile browser.

It’s free? Yes, with limitations

According to SmallPDF, you can process up to two documents per hour (ie, pack up to two PDF files) using any of the online tools (this includes all site features, not just PDF compression). For more, you need to subscribe to a SmallPDF Pro plan. The tools go unlimited, on the web and on the desktop. The Pro plan also includes “batch processing” at the same time.

The desktop application can be downloaded for free but has a time limit for use in testing mode. During the test, all tools will be available for free. At the end, the application will remain free for reading PDF documents, other tools will only be available with the signature of Pro.

I Love PDF and PDF Compressor

As an option, I Love PDF allows you to choose the level of compression (extreme, recommended and low), which varies the number of dots per inch (dpi), and offers other security and file sharing features using the cloud.

The PDF Compressor also offers similar services and allows you to select up to 20 PDF files at once. Then download each one individually or, if you prefer, all the files at once in a ZIP file, maintaining print quality.

If you’re interested in commercial use of web apps, read their privacy policy carefully about uploading, storing, and group licensing.

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