How to recover deleted notes on iPhone or Mac

You can recover deleted notes in the iPhone Notes application without installing any tools or using iTunes. To do so, just follow the steps below that show you how to proceed to bring back your notes.

How to recover deleted notes on iPhone or Mac

When you retrieve a deleted note, you can move it to another folder and sync it with iCloud. So even if you format or reset your iPhone or iPad, they’ll still be saved in the cloud, as well as being available on your Mac or iPad when you sign in with your account.

How to recover deleted notes on iPhone or Mac

  1. Open the Notes application on the iPhone or Mac;
  2. Touch Off;
  3. Look for the note you want to retrieve;
  4. Slide your finger from right to left over the note and touch the folder icon;
  5. The note will be moved from the recycle bin to that other folder. Select Notes (primary) or any other folder that you have created;
  6. Ready! The note will be recovered.

About recovering notes on iPhone or Mac

  • When erased, a note remains in the Deleted folder for 30 days;
  • After that period, erased notes are permanently deleted;
  • If you still can not get them back, try going to Settings> [your name]> Logout and sign in with another iCloud account to check if the notes are synced elsewhere;
  • Make sure your notes have been deleted: use the search to find what you are looking for;
  • See the Notes home page if there are any other folders where your notes are synchronized.

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