Cheat and codes for Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4 and Xbox One)

As in GTA V, Rockstar Games recently released Red Dead Redemption 2 also has cheats and codes for you to activate and have fun throughout the game with perks such as ammo, unlock all clothing, reveal the map whole, or even make the character completely drunk.

Cheats codes for Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4 and Xbox One)

How to enable Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats

Rockstar Games has implemented a new way to turn cheats on Red Dead Redemption 2. Instead of pressing a sequence of buttons at any time, some codes have prerequisites, and all are activated by entering specific cheat codes hidden by the game, usually found in the newspapers.

In the case of Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats  with prerequisites, the item must be in your inventory. Some codes can not be activated during certain activities. It’s also worth remembering that by activating a cheat, you will not be able to save your progress and unlock achievements (on Xbox One) or trophies (on PlayStation 4).

With the Cheats in hands:

  • Pause the game;
  • Access the Settings menu;
  • Press Y on the Xbox One or Triangle on the PlayStation 4;
  • Enter the Cheat Code according to the list below;

Check the list with the cheat and what they activate/unlock.

Abundance is the dullest desire Infinite ammo Buy the New Hannover Gazette No 27 in Valentine during Chapter 1
Greed is american virtue Add heavy weapons to your inventory Buy the newspaper after completing the “Propaganda, the New American Art” mission in Chapter 3
The lucky be strong evermore Infinite breath Buy a newspaper after completing Chapter 5
Virtue unearned is not virtue Increases your Honor Level Buy the newspaper after completing the “Urban Pleasures” mission in Chapter 4
Would you be happier as a clown? Showcases a circus wagon Buy the newspaper after completing the Epilogue
You are a beast built for war Makes a war horse appear Buy the newspaper after completing the Epilogue
You look for nothing but See nothing Reveal the map completely Buy the paper after completing the “Family, Old and New” section in Chapter 3
You want more than the world offers Restores and strengthens the bars of breath, life and the Eyes of Death Buy the newspaper after completing the “The King’s Son” mission in Chapter 6
Greed is now a virtue Adds $ 500 to your wallet none
You flourish before you die Restores life, breath, and Eyes of Death bars none
Make me better Defines at level 2 the Eyes of Death ability (allows you to manually mark enemies) none
I shall be better Defines at level 3 the Eyes of Death ability (keeps the ability active after shooting) none
I still seek more Defines at level 4 the Eyes of Death skill (highlights fatal areas when looking at the enemy) none
I seek and I find Defines at level 5 the Eyes of Death skill (highlights fatal and critical damage areas when targeting the enemy) none
Keep your dreams simple It brings up a cart with a horse none
Keep your dreams light It brings up a horse with a reel none
My kingdom is a horse Increase the bond with all your horses none
Run! Run! Run! It shows up a racehorse none
You want something new Makes a random horse appear none
You want more than you have Makes an Arab Purebred horse appear none
Better than my dog Lets you call your horse from any distance none
Vanity. All is vanity Unlocks all the clothes in Arthur’s wardrobe none
Balance. All is balance Restore the Honor bar to the neutral position none
A fool on command Leaves the character completely drunk none
Death is silence Add silent weapons to your inventory none
History is written by fools Add gunslinger guns to your inventory none
A simple life, a beautiful death Add simple weapons to your inventory none
You revel in your disgrace, I see Defines Honor at minimum level none
Eat of knowledge Unlocks all creations recipes none
Share Unlocks all camp log book improvements and maximizes supplies none
You want freedom Decrease your wanted level none
You want punishment Increases your wanted level none
Seek all the bounty of this place Increases attribute bars none

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