Best apps to download free music / songs in Android

More and more people write to me privately to ask me where and how to download free MP3 music on Android. 

As always, since I can not respond individually to all requests, I decided to collect in one article all the solutions available to you to download free MP3 Android. 

Obviously, the guide will be constantly updated so the best ways to download free Android music.

Thanks to our instructions and to these fantastic apps, in a few simple clicks you can download all the MP3s songs you want without going through iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Store, Deezer and all the other services that allow you to download music. but that are paid.

Although it seems obvious to me to say, once you have downloaded the songs, you can listen to them offline, without internet, where and when you want. It is clear, however, that in this way the downloaded songs will occupy space in the internal memory of the smartphone (approximately 4-7 MB for each song)

But let’s not lose ourselves in chatter, let’s see what solutions I propose to download music, songs, and MP3 on Android. 

How to download music on Android without an app

If you prefer to proceed without downloading or installing any program on Android, I suggest you go through Telegram.

In recent days we have published a complete guide in which we explained how to download music and songs on Android without the app: it is easy to follow and works perfectly. If you are interested, find it here

In a few moments, you will be ready to download all the songs you want and you can listen to them offline without internet.

I recommend this method especially if you already have a Telegram account and do not want to install additional apps on your smartphone.

Android app to download music

If you prefer to use an app to download music on Android,  the best that at the moment I recommend you MZK. It is very light, very easy to use, with little advertising and is very powerful.

The app is not on the Play Store , but you can download it for free from HERE . I recommend you download it and install it directly from your smartphone for convenience.

Once the application has started, all you need to do is:

  • search for the name of the song or artist
  • choose the song to download by clicking on it
  • a window will appear asking if you prefer to listen to the song ( PLAY ) or if you want to download it on your smartphone to listen to it offline and without internet whenever you want (DOWNLOAD)

Simple and fast.

This is now the best app to download music and MP3 for free on Android. Find all the songs, Indian and international, and the sound quality is really very good.


Done. These are the best methods  to download free music on Android.

As anticipated, we will keep the guide always updated in order to offer you only the best solutions, only those that work perfectly. 

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