How to Download MP3 in Android Simple and Quick Guide

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More and more people write to me privately to ask me where and how to download free MP3 music on Android. 

As always, since I can not respond individually to all requests, I decided to publish a quick and easy guide to help our readers. Here then we will see the best, easiest and fastest way to download free MP3 Android. 

Obviously the guide will be constantly updated in order to  always offer you the best way to download free music for Android. In a few simple clicks you can download all the MP3s and songs you want,  without going through iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Store, Deezer  and all the other services that allow you to download music, but which are paid.

But let’s not lose ourselves in chatter, let’s see which is the  best way to download free Android music in MP3 format. 

How to download music on Android without an app

To achieve our goal we will use Telegram. 

The famous app that competes with  WhatsApp,  in fact, offers many groups within which you can  really download everything for free , including of course all the songs in MP3 format. 

If you still do not use Telegram, I suggest you download it NOW for  Android ,  iOS or  PC / Mac .

Now that you have created your free account on Telegram, you must know that among the many  Telegram bots that allow you to download MP3 for free , the best is undoubtedly  THIS .

Once you have joined the bot, you will have to follow these simple steps:

  • search for  the MP3 song you want to download by typing the name of the song or artist in the “write a message” field
  • send the message to start the search
  • you will see various results based on what you have been looking for
  • at this point you simply click on the gray box with the name of the song you are interested in and the bot will return the file in MP3 format. By clicking on it you can choose whether to download it offline on your Android smartphone or listen to it in streaming

Few and simple steps to  download any MP3 song for free directly from Telegram, directly on your Android smartphone. 

It also works on PC and Mac

Obviously, since Telegram  offers a web client and one for PC or Macyou can download what you want directly to your computer,  without having to use a smartphone.

Simply click on the MP3 song with the right mouse button and when the dedicated menu appears, simply click on “Save as” and then choose where to save the song in MP3 format on your computer.

Nothing could be simpler!

You will then be able to choose where and how to download the songs that interest you, using the means and tools you are most comfortable with.


This is in my opinion the best way to download free music on Android. No apps, no software, no advertising, all at your fingertips thanks to Telegram.

And once again Telegram has proven to be significantly better, more useful and complete than WhatsApp.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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