20 Best Android launcher apps in 2019

By itself, Android is already highly customizable, giving several options for the user to leave their smartphone or tablet with the look they prefer. Only you can customize your device even more with the help of launchers, which are apps that allow you to give your Android a whole new look at the layout, themes, animations, and application icons. The only problem is that there are so many options available out there that it is difficult to know which app is right for each user. If you are in doubt and want to give an increment on your device, check out our list with nothing less than the 11 best launchers for Android!

1. Action Launcher 3

This Launcher can be used on most versions of Android, including Lollipop and probably Marshmallow soon. He is one of the simplest and most sophisticated launchers for Android, having a menu much like Start that we are accustomed to with Windows.

This way, you can access several of your favorite apps without having to pop up your heavy widgets home screen or apps icons. With this launcher, you can basically customize everything from the layout to the application icons and colors to your preference. To download it, just click on this link.

2. C Launcher

The C Launcher is known for its looks, is really nice and different from Android that many are accustomed to seeing. It also turns out to be very intuitive and easy to use, especially since it leaves everything more useful of your device within easy reach of the user.

Also, it uses your GPS to get a sense of where you are to offer application suggestions that you could use more efficiently depending on your location. Another plus is that you have access to thousands of different themes to customize your smartphone or tablet any way you want. It easily comes into our list of launchers for Android. The C Launcher can be downloaded from this link.

3. Launcher only

Already the Solo Launcher is a more subtle option for those who do not want a change so radical, but still, want to give a new look to Android. One of the cool things that this launcher offers are its beautiful animations since it does not change as many icons as most apps of this type.

Even so, Solo Launcher turns out to be a lot lighter and easier to use than most launchers you find for Android. A nice plus is that it has a variety of gesture functions, making the use of Android more intuitive and practical in general. As we said, your normal form brings more subtle changes, but you can opt for several themes of it that really make a difference on your Android. The Solo Launcher can be downloaded via this link.

4. Buzz Launcher

Completely different from Solo Launcher, Buzz Launcher already chooses a radical change in any theme you choose. Not that this is a bad thing since the visuals that this launcher offers are very creative, functional and beautiful.

This is a very good alternative for those who really tired of the normal Android layout and prefer something totally new, but that still presents interesting ideas for all types of tastes. You can download the Buzz Launcher at this link!

5. Line Launcher

With over 10 million downloads on Android devices, it’s easy to see that this is one of the most popular Android launchers used in Google’s operating system. Line Launcher is incredibly simple and functional, as well as giving a completely new look to Android without any difficulty.

This launcher is also very light and does not disturb anything in the performance of your smartphone or tablet, something that ends up being very important for the effective operation of such an application. That means your battery will also not drain easily through the app, as with so many launchers out there. You can download the Line Launcher through this link.

6. Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher is another app that really changes things on Android in a way you’ve probably never seen before. Instead of using the usual layout and visuals of most launchers, it reinvents the way apps icons are on the screen.

You’ll see circles of your most-used apps and vertical lists of other categorized apps, something that may look too different at first, but that proves to be very efficient once the user gets used to it. Moreover, the Smart Launcher is very simple and unique, also counting a user base in the millions. You can download this launcher at this link.

7. Next Launcher

Next Launcher also gives a completely different look to Android but using various features and 3D effects to make everything even more impressive. Unfortunately, many of the cooler features are not for free, but it’s something to expect from an app full of in-house purchases.

Still, the price is worth it in case you are looking for one of the launchers for Android with premium design and very impressive. The only problem is that by having so many complex effects and animations, it can end up being heavy on certain devices.

8. APUS Launcher

The APUS Launcher is another application that focuses on a more subtle but very beautiful design. With it, you can combine multiple themes with custom icons to create a truly unique look on your Android smartphone or tablet.

As it is completely free, this ends up being a great alternative for those who want to change their Android device for the better. As it is very light and easy to use an app, it leaves the operation of your device very smooth and does not disturb the performance. You can download the app through this link.

9. Hello Launcher

We’ve already talked about lightweight Android launchers in this list, but nothing compares to Hola Launcher in this issue, which has only 1 MB in its initial download. It has a very practical and easy to use interface, with several different icons and beautiful themes for customization.

As you would expect from such a lightweight app, Hola Launcher is one of the fastest you can find, requiring very little RAM from your device. You can enjoy and download it right now on your Android via this link!

10. Apex Launcher

This launcher is very popular with users of Android devices, having more than one million downloads around the world and an excellent overall evaluation of its users. It is one of the most customizable launchers you can find, having dozens of options on how to organize your device layout.

It is possible to configure managed functions, choose from hundreds of icons, animations, effects, and themes in the free version. Already in the paid version, you get even more features and functions, if that’s possible. Click here to download the Apex Launcher.

11. New Launcher

The New Launcher is also another extremely popular application on Android, with more than 5 million downloads worldwide. It is accessible, functional and very easy to use, whether it is for users who have never used a launcher before or for the more experienced.

In addition to offering several forms of customization, New Launcher has a feature that wraps all the icons of your apps so that they are more enjoyable to see. This really is a great option for all types of users, since its simple and highly customizable look tends to please everyone. Download this app through this link.

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