What to do if WhatsApp is down? Here are 5 alternatives to the messaging app

Nowadays it is almost impossible for you to see yourself without the WhatsApp installed on your phone since it is the most commonly used application for exchanging messages with your contacts. However, although you do not let it go, sometimes instabilities occur on the program’s servers, which may prevent you from sending messages, receiving photos and other media content.

So, if you need to get in touch with people, it’s a good idea to always have another app on your phone that works at least similarly to WhatsApp. Next, check out 5 options to replace WhatsApp on your phone.

Signal-Android, and iOS

Privacy-focused applications have increasingly gained their place amid scandals involving data leaks by large companies. Signal, for example, is one such application, which was even recommended by Edward Snowden.

Although using state-of-the-art technology, unlike what you might imagine, Signal turns out to be a very easy-to-use application. Unlike Telegram, it brings only the basic and essential features like voice and video calls, file sending and group chats. Another difference is that your server does not store or have access to the data that is exchanged in it.

LINE-Android and iOS

Anyone who already wants a more friendly option or with more resources to play can find LINE a good option. More like Messenger than with WhatsApp, this app brings a lot of options for figurines, special effects for video calls and even a timeline for posts like Facebook.

Telegram-Android and iOS

WhatsApp’s biggest competitor, of course, could not be left out of the list. The Telegram application has a large number of unique functions and has a very similar operation, however, some privacy features like your “Secret Chat” end up making a difference.

In addition to the traditional client, who prefers a more robust interface, can also choose to use the Telegram X.

Kik-Android and  iOS

In a slightly different way from the previous options, this messaging application does not require you to have a phone number in order to use it. Here, you just need to set a username to quit by adding your contacts.

Despite the simple system of adding people, Kik still offers good features like video calls, sending files, groups, etc.

Wechat – Android and iOS

The last option in the list is for the WeChat application that has become quite popular. Unlike some of the alternatives listed above, his big focus is on the fun bringing features to play with your friends, small videos and different forms of chat.

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