Google makes it easier to make online payments within Chrome

Google has announced a new feature that will help those who like to make online payments and purchases using Chrome. From now on, as soon as you open your browser, you can already make purchases with the saved cards, without having to activate Google Sync, because Chrome itself will fill in automatically. You only need to confirm the CVC code.

How to use

Once your credit card is requested, you have it saved to your browser and you can make purchases and payments faster by simply confirming the CVC (the three numbers stored behind your card). For those who already used Google Sync enabled, there is not a big change, however, this facility behind the security of you confirm your CVC within the browser itself.

Once you register a new card in your Chrome account, you will receive an email with your information confirming everything. From there, you can make a payment with the card already recorded on any device that requests it, be it a cell phone, tablet, another computer that you have logged in to, or anywhere that accepts Google Pay.

It’s important to remember that you can edit or delete any card by going to your Google Account, selecting “Payments and Subscriptions,” and clicking “Payment Methods.”

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