Study says Many owners of an iPhone, think they already have 5G

We are in 2019, a time when almost all of us have a fantastic device in our pocket with access to all the information in the world … Still, a recent study shows that several owners of an iPhone do not even know what mobile phone they have, a large percentage, even thinks that it already has support for 5G networks.

In a study carried out by Decluttr, a company that buys and sells electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and wearables. It was decided to find out if the Americans really know what mobile phone they are buying as well as their capabilities.

(Curiosity) Many owners of an iPhone, think they already have 5G

Therefore, most participants confirmed that they had switched phones over the past year. With the most popular reason being problems with an old appliance (31%). Soon after we have the need to have a faster smartphone (26%). That said, 43% of respondents spent more than $500 on a smartphone, and within this percentage, 86% say it was worth it.

However, what is really interesting is that several people had a hard time identifying their own smartphone!

In a comparison with photographs, with images of the iPhone XR and iPhone 7 ahead, only 44% of consumers were able to hit their own mobile phone. Very similar percentages happened with the iPhone 8 (45.9%), iPhone X (51%) and iPhone XS (57%).

(Curiosity) Many owners of an iPhone, think they already have 5G1

The Samsung Galaxy S9 + was the best mobile phone, with 71.32% of the respondents identifying it easily. However, the Galaxy S7 (57.64%) and Galaxy S8 (58.48%) had some identification difficulties.

In fact, the latest mobile phones, especially the Apple ones, have many similarities in the design … Therefore, it is not easy to distinguish them.

That said, what is more, surprising is the lack of awareness of the capabilities of the smartphone itself

Only 40% of owners of a Galaxy S7, S8 or S9 know that their smartphone supports wireless charging. However, only 14% of owners of an iPhone X, XS or XR knew they had access to NFC capabilities.

I already have 5G? You do not have …

The new generation 5G networks are a big new thing in the market, so there is normal confusion. However, it turns out to be impressive that several owners of an iPhone believe that their smartphone already has access to 5G.

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