PPT reader: 5 ways to view slides without having PowerPoint

If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed, you may need the help of a “PPT reader” or a slideshow reader in the .ppt format. Presentations saved in PDF do not require any adaptation. However, opening .ppt and .pptx files on computers without Microsoft Office can get a little confusing at first.
PPT reader_ 5 ways to view slides without having PowerPoint

See five PPT readers for use as a slideshow reader

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer;
  2. Microsoft Office Online;
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile;
  4. Google Drive(Presentations);
  5. Keynote ( Apple ).

Microsoft Office Viewers

Microsoft has discontinued the older versions of the Office suite viewers – programs that display the files but do not allow them to be edited . They are still found for download and there are newer versions that work perfectly.

  • PowerPoint Viewer 97/2000/2002 (discontinued);
  • PowerPoint Viewer 2003 (discontinued);
  • PowerPoint Viewer 2007 and 2010 (in operation).

Microsoft Office Online

PowerPoint Online is a free PPT reader alternative that provides some of the same benefits of PowerPoint Viewer, as well as other more recent features and animations added after the 2010 version.

To use, go to: products.office.com/office-online

You will be able to view and edit. If you have a Microsoft account (hotmail.com, outlook.com, live.com or @ msn.com) or Office 365 package with corporate or educational account, you save the file from your slides in OneDrive and Dropbox .

Microsoft Mobile Apps

With Office Mobile apps, you open Office documents on your phone or tablet. They are available on Google Play ( Android ), App Store (iOS/iPhone) and also in the Microsoft store for Windows 10 mobile.

Allows you to view and edit slide shows:

Google Drive and Keynote (macOS and iOS)

It’s not just Microsoft that has solutions. You can also open .ppt documents in the cloud Google Drive and MacOS and iOS (iPhone), Apple, with Keynote.

Use Google Drive as your slide player

  1. Go to drive.google.com;
  2. Double-click a file;
  3. Microsoft Office files will open in Google Drive.

Keynote for iOS (iPhone) and MacOS (Mac)

Apple’s competing program, Keynote for iOS and MacOS, can open Microsoft PowerPoint files: Office Open XML (.pptx) and Office 97 or later (.ppt) and export into .pptx or PDF (desktop only: Keynote, QuickTime, HTML and image).

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