How to insert videos into PowerPoint slides

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular slide editor among users and almost became synonymous with this type of presentation. Nowadays, the program goes far beyond traditional PPTs, offering new tools. One, ideal for anyone using YouTube content, allows you to embed videos into PowerPoint slides.

With the popularization of the internet and video sharing sites, you can now add both your computer files and videos online on slides.

How to insert videos on computer slides

The steps for inserting videos into PowerPoint slides are simple.

  1. Click Insert> Video> Video in My Computer…;
  2. Choose the video file;
  3. Adjust the size and position of the video on the slide;

Microsoft PowerPoint also offers a useful online video entry feature.

You can add videos to your “ppt” by using video insertion codes offered by your preferred sharing site, or by integrating YouTube with PowerPoint, which allows you to search and embed videos from the platform without leaving the program.

That way, you do not have to manually download or convert the file, since PowerPoint itself takes care of this work and adds the videos to the slides that you choose.

How to insert video online in slides

  1. Click Insert> Video> Online Video …;
  2. Wait for the tool to load;
  3. If you want to insert a YouTube video:
    • Enter the search term in the Search field on YouTube;
    • Wait for the search result to display;
    • Select the video to be added;
    • Click Insert;
    • Wait for the video to be downloaded and inserted, and then adjust the size and position on the slide;
  4. If you want to insert a video by an insert code;
    • Paste the code into the video insertion code field and press Enter;
    • Generally, this code is provided by the video sharing sites themselves, starting with an “<iframe>”;
    • Adjust the size and position of the video on the slide;

Note that videos inserted by insertion code do not have preview in slide edit mode.

If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can use the same feature in the online version of the program. But because of limitations, you can only embed YouTube videos.

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