How To Unban Someone On Discord Server

There might be many reasons to ban someone from Discord Server. But maybe after a few hours, days or months you realise it’s enough of punishment and now you should unban him/her and make him/her part of the social world again. But unfortunately, you don’t know how can they unban someone from discord server. So the thing which pop up in your mind is how to unban someone on Discord? Don’t worry here I will try to help you in the following lines.


Steps To Unban Someone From Discord Server:

Before following steps to unban someone from Discord you need to know that for unbanning someone from a Discord Server you must be the administrator of the specific Discord Server. In case you are not then ask the admin to add you as server’s administrator. If you are banned from the server then I would suggest you to talk to the admin of that specific server and ask him to unban you.

If you are server’s administrator then follow the steps to unban someone from a Discord server:

  1. First, launch the Discord App from any of your devices.
    Unban Someone On Discord 1
  2. Now right click on the server from where you want to unban someone in the upper left corner.
  3. From here, hover over server settings and click on bans.
    Unban Someone On Discord 2
  4. Here you will find the list of users you have banned from your server.
  5. Now click on the username of the user you want to unblock.
    Unban Someone On Discord 3
  6. Now a pop up will arrive which will ask you revoke ban from the user, here click on “Revoke Ban”.Unban Someone On Discord 4

Now the user in case is ready to use the server as he used to do but this time he will be even more cautious.

Final Words

I hope this will solve your problem. If you still have any doubts or suggestions related to this article then feel to contact us or comment below.

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