Best Discord Dating Servers

Are you looking for an online date? Then discord can be an option for you. Yes, it is possible to find someone for a date on discord servers, doesn’t matter what age group you are what are your interests. There are discord servers for different age groups, for people with different interests. These servers can also be helpful to find not just date but also make good friends all across the world.

We have tried a lot of servers and picked out the best Discord dating servers in 2020 and will keep this updated with time.


Best Discord Dating servers:

1. PlayRoom

Playroom is simply the largest dating server on discord with 60,000+ members. It allows you to find many single people all across the world. Anyone who is 18+ can join the server.  This is the only server that has a dedicated website for dating. It also does giveaways for members from time to time.  There are 250+ new profiles every day.

Here is invite link to join the server. Join PlayRoom and start exploring.

Invite Link:

2. Finesse

Finesse has 25,000+ members and always have hundreds of active members. Anyone who is 13+ can join the server and start chatting with people of your gender preference. There you can also share your arts, music, and edits and meet people with the same interests as you.

Join it today and start exploring it now.

Invite Link:

3. Heaven

Heaven is a friendly socializing community made to meet new people, make new friends and play some games on the side. There are 125000, and a thousand people always online. Even here anyone over the age of 13 can join the community.

Join heaven today and start exploring.

Invite Link:

4. Teen Chat

Teen chat server is for teens between 13-18 years, you can meet teens all around the world, make new friends and explore more. It has 8000+ members in the group and more than hundreds always people active.

Join Teen Chat today and start exploring.

Invite Link:

5. Cupid’s Arrow

This is the relatively new dating and community server Cupid’s Room! Can find 24/7 Active chats & voice calls. This is SFW ( Safe for Work ) server. There are 1600+ active members.

Join Cupid’s Arrow and start exploring now.

Invite Link:

6. Like 18+

The best place to build new relationships on discord for people age 18+. There are 8000+ members and growing. This is in nsfw ( not safe for work ) server. About 100+ people join this server every day.

Here is a link to join the server. Join “Like 18+” and start exploring.

Invite Link:

Tips to get Get most out of discord dating server:

If you’re new on discord, here are few tips to find a partner easily on these servers.

  • Before joining the server check if it matches what you’re looking for, keep exploring until you find the perfect fit.
  • There are few servers that do not allow to join if your account is less than 7 days old. In such cases, you can wait for few days or join other servers that allow you to join from the very first day.
  • After joining the server read the rules of the server, for every server rules can be different.
  • Try to get verified on the server. Verification can help you to get access to more features. Each server can have different verification methods.
  • Pick roles, in each server you will find a text channel to pick roles, with the help of roles other users can get more information about your likes easily.
  • Start to participate in text and voice channels,  there you can always find friendly people who are always welcoming for new users.

If you are already using discord for dating. Let us know your dating experience in the comments.

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