How to transfer a file from one Google Drive account to another

A simple Google Drive tip lets you back up your items to another account without the original files being changed. Look!

Because of the need to have your files on the go, cloud storage services have become very popular. In this scenario, it is still common to find people who end up using more than one account, needing the same files for both credentials.

If you use Google Drive, you may have noticed that when you share a file, the person receiving it will also be editing your original document. Still, there is a method of performing a file transfer, without the person ending up affecting your work. Check out:

Transferring files from one account to another in Google Drive

To perform this task mentioned above you will not need to install any programs, that is, only resources that are within the Google Drive itself will be used. In addition, the process below was performed on a computer, but can also run on mobile phones, and the interface and some functions end up having their place changed. Check out:

  1. Start by accessing the Google Drive account that has the file to upload;
  2. In the list of files, select what should be sent by right-clicking and go to “Share”;How to copy a file from Google Drive to another account
  3. Now, add the email from who will receive the file as it is highlighted in the image below and click “Send”.How to copy a file from Google Drive to another account

At this point, as previously stated, your file is only shared with someone. In practice, whatever person you edit will be seen by you and vice versa. So that this does not happen, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Log in to Google Drive where you received the file;
    2. When locating the received file, right click on it and select the option “Make a copy”;
    3. Once you have made the copy, you can select the option to remove the shared file, since it will be removed from your account, ie it will continue to exist in the uploader’s account.

Ready! You now know how to copy a file to Google Drive without having to synchronize information with each other. This is the ideal method of making copies of documents that have more than one version.

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