Google Maps Vs. Waze: Which is the best GPS system for the mobile phone?

A few days ago I tested the known GPS for the mobile phone Google Maps and Waze. Both applications are from Google and both offer identical services. Take you from point A to point B in the fastest and most informative way possible.

On a trip, I decided to go with Waze and go back with Google Maps. I personally use Google Maps as a GPS for my mobile phone, but Waze is more and more successful and I wanted to see how useful it could be for me.

Google Maps Vs. Waze: What is the best GPS system for the mobile phone?

We have to realize that even though the goal is the same, GPS is very different from one another. Google Maps gives you more options out of the way while Waze focuses more on the path you have to go.

That way we will evaluate a winner for each point that I consider advantageous. In terms of GPS, communication, and arrival at the destination, both are perfect.

Route information

Winner Waze. Waze gives you information on everything and anything else. With users reporting incidents on the road, Waze can tell you the details of what will happen on the way. I had some radar information, some information from vehicles stopped on the road and even the traffic was more intense than normal. All said by the voice assistant without having to look at the equipment screen.

Off-route information

Winner Google Maps. Google Maps is perfect for when you leave your route. After arriving at the destination (sea mall) I ended up having information on restaurants near me and places of interest for shopping. Something that Waze just can not compete with.

Google Maps Vs. Waze: What is the best GPS system for the mobile phone?

Winner Google Maps. The trip was exactly the same. One way and the other back. However, Waze consumed 39% of autonomy (Xiaomi Mi Mix 3) while Google Maps only 9%. A seriously considerable difference. All the information on the route goes by until the saying arrives. Make sure you have a charger in the car.

Spending data

Winner Google Maps. The same goes for Waze. In the trip, Waze consumed 40MB of data. The same trip with Google Maps consumed only 10MB. That is, if your data is not many, confirm that you go with Google But instead of Waze.

Both deserve positive

Although I still prefer Google Maps, Waze has proven to be more than capable to surprise me. A pity only the autonomy and the data are considerably larger. That being said, I do not seem to leave Google Maps as my GPS for my phone. At least for now.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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