The Best Running Apps

Today we spend too much time in front of our PCs. We work at the desk, chat with our friends, play at the online slots website, and study sitting for hours. To avoid this, you should exercise, and running is great here. Here are the best apps for this activity.

The Best Running Apps


Strava is a great choice for both the amateur and the true professional. Functionality includes GPS tracking the route on the map and tracking a whole series of metrics (and even more if you buy a premium account). But the most popular feature of the app is the ability to create your own routes, and then compare the time of passage of the section with other users.

Premium also opens up the Beacon feature. This is a security measure that allows certain users to track a user’s current location while running.


MyFitnessPal will be useful not only for runners, but also for anyone who wants to stay in great shape: you can record the number of calories received and spent during the day. You can choose from a huge database of foods that already have calories listed, but you can also scan what you are going to eat, and the app itself will calculate how many calories you will add. The app also allows you to monitor your hydration level: you can add the amount of water you drink during the day.


Runcoach is suitable for those who want to create their own workout plan and stick to it. Set a goal and update your progress regularly, and the algorithm will give you personalized advice on how to improve your performance. And for $20 a month, a certified trainer will create your plan. You’ll also be able to consult with him or her about injuries, nutrition and more.


Nowhere to run? Choose a new route from 70 million available options in the MapMyRun app. It’s Under Armor’s proprietary brand tracker that can track distance traveled, running speed, elevation, calories burned, and more.

MapMyRun is compatible with many body trackers as well as the My Fitness Pal app. This will allow you to track both your own diet and workouts at the same time, thereby giving you a clearer picture of your health status.

Nike + Run Club

The Nike + Run Club app is not limited to just counting steps. Besides, the program gives free access to several motivational and training features. Including support from the world’s top athletes, the ability to share photos of your route and put them in the background of your results page, and audio consultations from top Nike trainers. As a bonus, the advice can be integrated with Spotify so it can be played in between your favorite tracks.

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