Cricket Betting Online: Tips for Successful Strategies

Cricket is a team sport that has thousands of fans throughout the world. This is primarily due to the high popularity of cricket in India, where more than a billion people live. Thanks to Indian fans, cricket is the second most popular sports discipline in the world after football. Matches take place all year round, and the betting possibilities are virtually unlimited. Thus, fans can bet on cricket on and enjoy live matches.

Cricket Betting Online

Kinds of Cricket

Nowadays, three main types of sports discipline are distinguished, namely:

  1. First-level cricket. This is the most time-consuming type since matches can take up to 4-6 days. On this level, regional matches, test competitions, and national championships are held.
  2. T20 cricket. This is the most dynamic and spectacular type of game. Here, just two innings are held to determine a winner. An average match lasts for just 3 hours. This kind of cricket has become the most popular in the sports industry.
  3. ODI (one-day international) cricket. This is the golden middle. Matches last for one day, and the game is limited to 40-50 overs.

Types of Bets in Cricket Betting Online

When dealing with cricket betting online, sports fans can make their predictions for the following results:

  Draw. This is the most unprofitable kind of bet since even if you predict an attacking team, you’ll lose on margin in the long run.

  Outcome. As a rule, only two types of bets are accepted here (a winner and a loser). A draw is acceptable for first-level matches only.

  Double chance. Unlike the previous one, this option allows summing up both bets with a lower coefficient.

  Totals. This section covers diverse bets on the number of runs over the whole match or a certain period. Bets on both group or individual totals are accepted.

  Head start. Here, bettors can predict with what advantage a certain team will win.

  Match statistics. This type encompasses a wide line of betting options. These can be the best result of the championship, the number of runs-outs, etc.

  Player statistics. Here, diverse betting options are offered, starting from the number of runs up to various titles and awards.

  The first inning. A popular type of bet for long-term matches. Bettors do not need to wait for several days. The result becomes clear in a few hours.

5 Key Factors to Assess to Make Bets more Precise and Profitable

When being engaged in cricket betting online, bettors try to analyze statistics, previous matches, and other factors to determine the most probable outcome of a competition. Below, let’s list 5 key points to be analyzed to increase the efficiency of predictions.

  1. Draw result. A simple coin determines what team will attack the first. However, the result of the draw has a significant impact on the result since an attacking team frequently gets an advantage.
  2. Weather conditions. Cricket is a sports discipline that is greatly affected by the weather. Rain or early sunset can reduce match duration.
  3. The location of playing grounds. The type of surface differs and influences the speed of running. It can be ground or grass of different lengths. Also, note that humidity and rarefied air influence the speed of ball flying.
  4. Statistics of teams and their physical state. Make sure that players do not have injuries, are not tired, etc.
  5. Long first-level matches are the perfect option for live betting. Many experienced bettors prefer to make predictions in live mode when dealing with cricket.

Cricket betting online is a popular direction on bookmaker websites. It provides bettors with a diverse line and allows betting on multiple outcomes.

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