Vidmate Cash App Review

At this time, there are many ways that can be done to earn money online such as doing freelance work, creating content, to using money-making applications. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Vidmate Cash App Review
In this article, I will discuss one of the money-making applications to find additional income. The application is VidMate Cash which can be downloaded directly through the official website.

What is VidMate Cash? And how to use it? Below we will review in full about VidMate Cash

What is VidMate Cash App?

VidMate Cash application is an application to download videos from well-known social media such as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. In addition, this application can be used to earn additional income. So, how do you get the money? This article will discuss one of the money Earning apps with a very easy way of working.

To make money, you only need to run the tasks or tasks in this application. Tasks that can be done such as:
Watch ads
Download app
Registering in certain applications
Invite others to use the app
Using the app
The number of coins awarded by each task varies. Coins earned from completing tasks can be exchanged for real money, you know! To exchange 1 Rupiah, you need to collect 10 coins and 1 Rupees, you need to collect 10,000. With a rate like this, you need 100 thousand coins to get 10 thousand rupiah and 100000 coins to get Rupees 100

How to download and install VidMate Cash

To get money from the VidMate Cash application, you need to first listen to how to download and install VidMate Cash on an Android phone. Because there are slight fundamental differences when installing applications outside the Google Play Store.

STEP 1: The first step, please click here to download the VidMate Cash application through the official website. If you have accessed it, you will be shown a little information about the VidMate Cash application on that page. Press the Install Now button to start the download process.

  1. Download the VidMate Cash application.

STEP 2: If you have downloaded it, you need to enable the “ Unknown sources ” feature on your Android phone. Considering that VidMate Cash is a third-party application that is not available on the Google Play Store, it is not surprising that you will receive a block installation notification pop-up when installing the application.

If you don’t know how to enable the “Unknown sources” permission on an Android phone, you can follow the tutorial below to enable it.

  1. Enable unknown source app install permission. 

First, access the menu Settings (Settings) » Security.

Then look for Additional Settings » Security and Privacy.


Note: If you find a difference in menu layout in enabling “Unknown sources” access permissions, you will need to make some adjustments to the method above. But you can be sure that you can find this permission on any Android version of Mobile security features.

STEP 3: If the “Unknown source” access permission is enabled, then look for the location where the VidMate Cash .apk file that was downloaded previously is stored

  1. Install the VidMate Cash application. 

STEP 4: After successfully installing the application on your smartphone, then press the VidMate Cash icon to run it. Then register first so you can enjoy its features and services to earn money. You can follow the steps below.

Tips to make money with VidMate Cash app

This VidMate Cash application is not much different from other money-making applications. In the VidMate application, you are required to collect as many coins as possible in order to be exchanged. So how do you get these coins? Of course it’s easy, you just need to complete the tasks provided by the VidMate Cash application. 

The tasks given are very diverse and easy to do, such as watching ads, installing applications, inviting friends to using the application with a certain time limit. You can see more complete information on the following coins.

Daily check-in

The first tip you can do to get extra coins is to do a daily check-in. The method is quite easy, you can access it through the menu Cash every day. Coins that you get through Daily Check-in are also quite varied, ranging from 100 – 400. Sometimes if you are lucky, there are days where you get additional coins up to +1600.

Invitation code

Then you can also get extra coins from the Invitation Code. This is just like any other money making app, where if anyone enters an invite code, they can earn coins. Each account must have a different code, you can also share the invitation code.

If you ask, how do I get this invitation code? You can look for it on the internet or a close relative who has a VidMate Cash account, if necessary you can enter our code: NP8SXK. Coins obtained from this code range from +600 coins.

Invite friends

Not only entering the Invitation Code, but if you manage to invite friends via the shared application link, you can also get Rp. 1,000 and Rupees 5. This is done with the aim that many people will use the VidMate Cash application. The more you successfully invite friends, the more rewards you will get.

Watch ads

Then you can choose other tasks such as watching ad videos to earn coins. Unfortunately, the coins generated from watching this ad are quite low compared to completing other tasks, which is +100 coins. 

This is indeed natural because watching an ad is very easy to do, especially since the duration of the ad is only a few seconds. This will be beneficial for those of you who like to watch video ads, let alone can make money.

App list

Another task that you can run is to register an account on an application that is already available on VidMate Cash. There is a large selection of apps that you can follow to earn coins. If you want to give it a try, you can press the task that says “[Register] Sign up for Lazada” in the list available on VidMate Cash and register an account in the respective app. The coins you get as a result of registering are quite varied, perhaps ranging from 5,000-14,000 coins.

Use the app

In addition to registering certain applications, there is also a task to use applications that have been registered in VidMate Cash in order to get a lot of coins. If you’re lucky, you can pick the apps you use most on your to-do list. By running this application, the coins you will get are quite large, which is between 5,000-15,000 coins.

How to Withdraw Money in VidMate Cash

If you feel that you have accumulated a lot of coins up to millions, you can exchange these coins into money. You can only make withdrawals to a Paypal,  GoPay or DANA account. You also need to know that every 10 coins collected is equal to 1 rupiah and To earn 1 Indian rupee is equal to 10,000 coin. 

This means that if you have 100,000 coins, then it is equivalent to Rp. 10,000 and if you have 100,000 coins is equal to 100 Indian Rupees. So how do you pull it off? You can follow the steps below.

First, press the Get Cash menu on the main page of the VidMate Cash application.

Then press the Interesting menu.

If you are a new user and want to make your first withdrawal, you are usually required to verify your identity first.

After successful verification, you can make withdrawals in 3 ways: Paypal, GoPay and DANA.

If you have chosen one of them, then you can choose the number of coins you want to exchange.

Then press the Withdraw button to continue the process.



As you already know, the VidMate Cash application can also be an alternative option for making money online. It’s just that you have to have a high level of patience, because it takes quite a long time to collect as many coins as possible so that they can be exchanged.

 However, there is one tip that you can do to speed up the process of collecting these coins, namely by sharing an invitation/referral code to your close friends or relatives.  Those are some ways that you can use to make money in the VidMate Cash application easily.

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