Storage Life on SSD lasts less than the old HDD hard drives?

At first, an SSD drive was not as ‘straightforward’ as it is today … After all, the world of technology is nevertheless the latest technologies need time to grow more mature and efficient. And the entry of SSD storage into the PC market was no different.

Incidentally, we now have an excellent example of very recent and innovative technologies, with some problems coming to market, as is the case of Samsung Galaxy Fold, which after 1 or 2 days in the hands of the Reviewers, began immediately to give ‘streak’.

But let’s go back to the SSD and HDD drives! Which is why we are here

On a laptop, for example, a PC that spends its life from side to side, it is very likely that an SSD drive will survive for much longer than a conventional mechanical hard drive! After all, an HDD has moving parts, which can cause transportation problems.

But if you happen to have a desktop PC, quietly at the desk, the HDD should last for years without any problem. Unlike an SSD drive!

It is that the memory of SSD drives (Solid State Drive) has a limit, in the number of times they can store given information

In other words, the amount you can put in, take out and write on top of, is limited.

And so the manufacturers had to find ways to limit this to the maximum. Coming to a system where if a part of the drive fails, it does not mean that the whole SSD has to go to the trash, only that area will be marked as Bad.

Also, as you may know, SSD drives have read speeds, far higher than write speeds. Therefore, if you want to enter information and delete it, times without account. It might be a good idea to buy a higher quality SSD or even a ‘Premium’ HDD.

However, in fact, most users fill their drives, and rarely erase information from them. Of course, we have the case of the Windows Temp folder, which will spend your life loading and unloading information, but this will not greatly affect the lifecycle of your SSD.

Which leads us to talk about something also very important …

After all, just like the ‘old’ HDD disks, there are also different levels of SSD drives! What affects price, performance and of course … The longevity of these

That said, the prices of SSD storage has fallen by the wayside! A trend that should continue in the coming times.

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