How to add stickers and emoji into photos uploaded via WhatsApp

To make conversations a little more relaxed and fun, an alternative to WhatsApp is to use the classic emoji and stickers, which have a wide variety of themes. In addition to being used in chats, these same stickers can also be used to make montages in conventional photos.

WhatsApp, natively, has a photo editor that, in its last update, made it easy to use the little pictures and emoji in the images you are uploading. Here’s how to add them before sending it to your friends and family.


For now, to test the new feature of WhatsApp is necessary to be running its Beta version, that is, it has some new functions in the testing phase. This version can be obtained by following this guide on how to download WhatsApp Beta.

How to add emoji and stickers to photos in WhatsApp

The process for adding the emoji and the stickers to photos is very simple to do, and even if the person receiving it is not using the Beta version, they can see their creations. Check out:

  1. After installing WhatsApp Beta, open it normally and enter the screen of the desired conversation;
  2. Touch the icon to send an image and choose the desired file. If you prefer, you can also take a photo with the camera, but do not complete the upload process;
  3. At the top of the screen, click the renderer icon for a transparent “emoji” and select the stickers to be added;
  4. Complete the sending process.

Ready! Now, you already know how to use your cards or emoji to make montages with photos in WhatsApp.

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