PUBG banned in Nepal for “distracting children from studies”

Nepal has decided to completely ban the country’s PUBG game. This new measure applies to the PC game and to the smartphone, PUBG Mobile.

Certainly not the first time you hear that PUBG has been banned. Some cities in India have also banned the game, even imprisoning some young people who were caught up in a “shoot-out” at PUBG Mobile.

Yet this is a serious and controversial decision. The words of Sandip Adhikari, Director of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, were harsh. ” We asked to ban PUBG because it’s addictive to kids and teens .” This request was followed because many parents were pointing out that their children were too distracted by the game and dropped their studies.

The ban on PUBG has no logic

However, I must point out that I do not feel that there is much logic in this prohibition. There are dozens of games identical to PUBG. Only on Android or iOS, we have Fortnite and Free Fire. Both free games for installation in Nepal. Fortnite can also be played on the computer. Free Fire offers the only version for the smartphone. Both games (and all others identical) continue without any prohibition.

The ban order from PUBG in Nepal followed for all telecom operators and ISPs in the country this past Thursday. That is, now the young people of Nepal will only be able to play PUBG via VPN.

Is PUBG addictive?

All games are! The adrenaline of PUBG is no different from any other. However, I am no expert on the subject. PUBG is a fantastic game in many respects, however, as any game should be looked at with caution. Tencent, the owner of PUBG, has already limited to 6 hours a day for all players in order to soften this type of problems. However, we continue to have countries without major doubts about the problem of PUBG in younger society.

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