How to spy someone on Instagram

In this guide we will show you the methods, programs and apps that allow you to spy on Instagram by accessing photos, videos, chats and other secrets of people registered on Instagram. In recent years, the social network that is enjoying the greatest success is definitely Instagram. Born years ago as a mere tool for sharing photos online, starting from the acquisition of the stock package by Mark Zuckerberg, the “father” of Facebook, Instagram has added more and more features (from the possibility of inserting comments under the images to the Stories, passing through the videos), becoming the reference point especially for the very young.

For some parents, therefore, Instagram can be a mine of important information to understand the activities of their teenage children.

If you are therefore a parent who wants to follow the “social” life of the child or if you are motivated by other motivations, know that in the next lines we will see all the possible methods on how to spy on Instagram. In most cases it is software born for this purpose, in others we will use programs adapted to “our cause”.

How to spy on Instagram through Cerberus

The first software that we will describe is one of those with which you will have to “get your hands dirty”. This is Cerberus, a program that is born with the purpose of anti-theft, but if necessary can be used to receive screenshots from the spied device, thereby reading periodically all that happens on the Instagram profile of the person concerned. With the term “getting your hands dirty”, used previously, we intended that the program should be downloaded and installed directly on the device to be spied. If you want to spy on, for example, your child’s “social life”, try to get hold of your smartphone for a few minutes without him noticing, just enough time to install the program.

At the moment, Cerberus is available in the Android Play Store: once downloaded, you will need to click the Allow button, which will allow the software to access all the features of the device. Once all the consents have been released, click on the Home screen and start the application: on the screen that appears, you will have to click on Create Cerberus account and enter your username, password and e-mail address. At this point, you will only have to press Create Account to complete the procedure permanently.

Once you have created your Cerberus account, the most is done: at this point you can store your child’s smartphone as if nothing had happened. To spy on your Instagram messages, all you need to do is log in from your personal computer to the Cerberus web address, click on Login and enter the credentials you previously created. Once logged on Cerberus dashboard, simply click on Start location and select a choice between command Capture ScreenshotsVideo Capture or Capture Screen Recording, depending on the type of file desired. The screenshots and videos will be sent to the registration email used by Cerberus, all without the person being spied on.

Remember that Cerberus is released in a free trial for the first 7 days: if you are particularly well, you can buy the full version of the application with just 5 dollars.

How to spy on Instagram with Ins Story Repost

After seeing an application born for Android, now also available for Apple systems. Ins Story Repost is a less invasive app by Cerberus, which explicates its function right from the name itself: it allows you to download and save the Stories of the Instagram accounts that you follow. All in all it is a harmless application, which is certainly not necessary to hack Instagram, but the information contained in the Stories is often very important, and for some it may even be better than spying on chat.

If you are interested in Ins Story Repost, all you have to do is access the Apple Store and download it with the Get/Install button. You will almost certainly be asked to verify your identity through the Face ID or by entering the credentials of the Apple ID. Once you have downloaded and installed Ins Story Repost, all you need to do is start it and enter Instagram credentials to view the multimedia content of the users you are following. When you have identified the multimedia content you want, all you have to do is select the name of the current subject from the list, press the Stories option and click on the Download button (the down arrow) to save that important photo or video on your device.

As with Cerberus, Ins Story Repost also has a free version. In this case there is no time limit, but the application is strongly “mutilated”: it is possible to download only 5 multimedia contents, and there are many annoying advertisements. If this application meets your wishes, you should buy the full version, because even in this case the cost is very low (10.99 dollars).

How to hack Instagram with a Keylogger

If you download a person’s Stories or capture the screenshots of your phone is not enough, you’re probably looking for something much more “invasive”. For the sake of news in the next few lines we will reveal how to use an excellent software keylogger, which allows you to steal the credentials not only of Instagram but also other online services that uses the unfortunate. However, we remind you that these are legally punishable actions, for which you will take every responsibility. As long as you are a parent who has strong doubts about the conduct of the minor child you can also be understood, but for other purposes we advise you to desist.

Without the right premises, let’s move on to practical things. The software that will let you know the credentials of Instagram (and more) and to spy on private profile photos is called Family Keylogger. The name of the program (to be installed on PC) was chosen by the developers to highlight its simplicity: it is easy to use, takes up little space and was designed for those parents who want to test the “online” life of their family. To download the software simply access the developer website and click the Download button next to the Family Keylogger name.

Being a “particular” program, this is downloaded as a compressed file. To decompress it and start the installation it is mandatory to enter the password (which corresponds to “2017”). At that point you will have to press in sequence the keys Ok, I agree, and Install to carry out the real installation. Once the procedure is complete, click on Close.

The first launch of Family Keylogger is the most important, because it is at this stage that you have to select the settings to start the program in Hidden mode every time. At the end of the installation the Family KeyLogger icon will be placed next to the Windows clock. You will have to double click on that icon, press in sequence the OptionsYesAutorun at the system and Ok keys: in this way the program will start automatically every time the operating system is turned on. In the same window, finally, you will have to select the Start in hidden mode and Stealth entries to have the Hidden Mode and the invisibility of Family Keylogger in the system logs respectively. To remove the software from those included in the Start menu, remember to select the item Remove shortcuts from start menu in the same window.

Now to steal the Instagram password you just have to launch the Keylogger and let your victim enter your Instagram from a PC and the data will be automatically saved in the Keylogger installed on your computer.

What are the advantages of using Family Keylogger?

Once installed and configured following the previous instructions, you will only have to catch the “fruits”. Family Keylogger is a program that records all the words typed on the computer placed “under observation”. In this way, the user can not only get to know the Instagram credentials, but he can also get the username and password of the home banking and find out the most used keywords of the unknown victim. To know the user typed text, you just sit at the computer it is installed on Family Keylogger and press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete + M. Really very simple.

Beyond the moral aspect of using such programs, there are a couple of considerations to be made on Family Keylogger. The first is that the program runs only on Windows systems: at first glance it may seem limiting, but it comes to itself that, once discovered the credentials of Instagram, you could access the account of the unfortunate even from a simple smartphone.

The second consideration is that, obviously, to get effect the computer on which you install Family Keylogger must be routinely used by the subject to spy. Depending on the situation, therefore, you will have to make the subject use the “infected” computer.

How to protect yourself from those who spy on Instagram?

It is not said that you are finished on this guide because you want to find out your wife’s Instagram password. In fact, you may need reverse help, maybe you want to protect your Instagram account from prying eyes. There are no applications or secrets to protect your privacy on social media: “salt in pumpkin” and common sense are enough.

Entering a particularly complex password is important but, given the “tricks” we talked about earlier, it may still be useless. We suggest that you activate the two-factor identification on Instagram: click on the three-point button on your Instagram profile, select Two-Factor Authentication and follow the wizard.

The most important advice of all, however, is the following: avoid posting sensitive content on Instagram. If your profile will be full of food, beach photos or various amenities, there will never be anyone who will really be willing to hack your social profile.

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