How to move from iOS (iPhone) move from iOS

Do you want to migrate from iOS (iPhone) to Android? Doing so is quite simple. While there is no automatic tool for this, taking your contacts, photos, videos, and documents to your Google-powered mobile phone is no bite-of-seven head.

How to migrate from iOS (iPhone) to Android

Learn to migrate from iOS (iPhone) to Android to iOS (iPhone) with simple tips.

How to migrate from iOS (iPhone) to Android

Unlike what happens in the migration from Android to iOS, Apple does not offer an automatic tool to take data from your mobile phones to those of the android. Still, there are ways to get everything you need for the new handset.

Emails, contacts and calendars

The first thing to do is to check which type of account you use by default:

  1. Open the Settings app and touch Contacts;
  2. Under Default Account, check which account type iPhone uses ( Gmail or iCloud).

If you use a Gmail account as default on the iPhone, all you have to do is log in with your own Google account on Android. Therefore, all your contacts, emails, notes and calendars will be available on the new device. The same goes for other email accounts (for messages). For contacts, the method varies.

If you use the iCloud account as the default, do the following:

  1. Under Settings, touch Passwords and Accounts;
  2. In the iCloud settings, turn on the Contacts switch;
  3. On your computer, go to the iCloud website, and sign in with your Apple ID and password;
  4. Click the Contacts icon;
  5. Click the gear in the lower left corner, then click Select All;
  6. Click the gear again, and this time under Export vCard.
    A .vcf file will be downloaded;
  7. Go to the Google contacts page, and enter your login and password;
  8. In the left column, click More, and then click Import;
  9. Click Select File, and point to the .vcf file that you downloaded;
  10. Confirm the information.

If your default account is neither iCloud nor Gmail, do the following:

  1. Connect iPhone to computer;
  2. Open iTunes and click on the iPhone icon;
  3. In the left column, click Information and check the Synchronize contacts with box;
  4. From the menu, select Google Contacts, and enter your account information if iTunes asks;
  5. The iPhone will transfer your contacts to your Google account, and when you sign in to Android, they will be synchronized.

Photos and videos

The best way to transfer your photos and videos from iOS to Android is through Google Photos. With it, you can store them in the cloud, access them anywhere, and download them to your Android if necessary.

  1. Download the Google Photos app for Windows or Mac;
  2. Sign in with your Google account;
  3. Click Back up videos and photos, and then click Next;
  4. Locate the folders where photos and videos are on your computer.
    Usually, they stay in the Pictures and Videos folders;
  5. Select the folders, check the High Quality option and click Start.

My Account

If you buy music from iTunes, you can still transfer it to Android. You do, however, need to keep them saved on a computer with iTunes installed.

  1. Connect Android to your computer.
    On the Mac, download and install the Android File Transfer app, which is essential for the system to recognize the phone;
  2. Locate the folder where iTunes songs are stored.
    They are usually in the Music folder;
  3. Select the songs you want to transfer, and drag them to the Android Music folder.

And ready.

Books, PDFs and Documents

The method for transferring books, PDFs, and documents saved on iPhone is the same as that used for songs, and depends on whether they are saved locally on a computer with iTunes installed.

  1. Connect Android to your computer;
  2. Locate the folder where the files are stored.
    In macOS, they stay in Books> List; in Windows, in iTunes> Books;
  3. Select the files you want to transfer, and drag them to the Android Documents folder.

Isn’t it simple?

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