Apps to download videos from YouTube for Android and iOS

YouTube is undoubtedly the most used platform in the world for uploading and watching videos. Inside you can find all kinds, from technology to music, through tutorials and maybe the kitchen. There is obviously no lack of video-lessons, meditations, conferences and public events.

Precisely for this reason it may be particularly useful to know the best apps to download videos from YouTube, so you always carry some content to watch them offline. We remind you, however, that despite the methods that we present you can download any video from YouTube, if a content is protected by copyright you can do it only at your own risk.

For all other uses, however, we recommend you stay tuned on this article: if you decide to spend a few minutes of your time we assure you that you will not regret because we will present the best solutions designed for Android and iOS.

App to download videos from YouTube

YouTube Downloader (Android)

YouTube Downloader is an open source application and completely free, perhaps the best ever created to complete our task. With this tool you can download any video from YouTube without even having to copy the link. All this is possible thanks to the integrated search bar, very simple and functional.

For obvious reasons this application is not available directly from the Play Store and to download it we invite you to open this link. For the installation you will have to enable the unknown origins, an operation that will not steal you more than a few seconds.

VideoLoader (Android)

Also VideoLoader, like the previous option, is not available for download directly from the Play Store. This is due to a very specific policy by Google that wanted to exclude from the official store the applications that affected its work. Do not worry, however, VideoLoader is easily available at this address.

Once the installation is complete, to download the YouTube videos you prefer, simply use the integrated search bar and choose the format for the download. Nothing could be easier, right?

TubeMate YouTube Downloader (Android)

TubeMate is another great app for downloading videos from YouTube. Equipped with a simple but effective design, it can be downloaded directly from the official page. Also in this case there are no choice options for the download format and you can decide to import the complete video or just the audio part.

As the trend of the moment, even with TubeMate you will have the possibility to search for content using the search bar. No more search for the link, therefore, for a procedure that, compared to the past, has been considerably streamlined.

YTD Video Downloader (Android)

If you usually download YouTube videos from PC it is very likely that you have already come across YTD Video Downloader. This is a software available for Windows, MacOS and Android in order to use it on most of the platforms currently available.

In addition to the possibilities that we have also seen for other applications, with YTD you can also set a password to protect downloaded videos or download from other platforms. Of course, these are not essential functions but they are still interesting.

MixTube (iOS)

Finally an application that allows you to download YouTube videos on iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, the solutions of this type are not so many because, unless you have made the Jailbreak, the software on board Apple products does not easily allow such operations.

In addition to providing the ability to download videos, MixTube also allows you to create custom playlists by merging two or more movies. Also in this case the download is completely free and can be done directly from the App Store.

Total Files

Total Files is not a real app to download videos from YouTube but, by exploiting its operation, it is possible to achieve this purpose. Precisely for this reason the application is available directly from the official store instead of having to be downloaded from alternative sources.

The operation is very similar to that of a common browser and we are sure that you will not have difficulty downloading videos and many other contents.

YouTube Music

Are you tired of using strange methods to download YouTube videos? Well, because recently the YouTube Music app has been released, available for both Android and iOS. This is the official Google tool to have unlimited access to all the tracks and movies on the well-known online platform.

YouTube Music is obviously paid and to use it without limitations you need to sign up for a subscription starting from $9.99 per month. If you decide to use it, however, you can safely replace it with Spotify or Apple Music as it allows you to download the songs in mp3 format.

For the more wary then, there is a free trial period of 3 months, during which you can touch all the features of the application. We advise you to give it at least one chance.

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