10 sites helpful to reduce stress after work

There are several things in your day-to-day life that help increase stress at work. When you get home, I believe that what you most want is to relax and release stress. But what to do to achieve this? Watching television or cooking is certainly not a way to do it. For you, who feel that stress is something difficult to control, we have good news! We separate for you some of the best websites that promise to lessen stress increase your state of relaxation.

1. Calm

The “Calm” website can help you achieve what your name suggests. On the page, you can choose from several time options, all with different minutes. After choosing this option, the website starts playing a relaxing song and a woman starts talking to you, saying what you should do to keep yourself more relaxed. It works more or less as if you were in a Yoga class, but without the positions of that mode. If you want a session without narration, simply select the stopwatch option. In this case, only background music will be transmitted.

All sounds are very similar to sounds of nature such as birds, rivers or wind.

2. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

The name says it all. The purpose of the site is that you do not do anything rigorously for only two minutes. Once you access the site, you will see a timer starting. The goal is that while this timer is running, you drop everything and focus only on the sound. Whenever you move the mouse or press the keypad, the timer starts from scratch. It’s a very interesting idea because often what we need is only two minutes without doing anything.

3. Get Relaxed

If you think the two-minute option is too short for you, you can always visit Get Relaxed. This site has several songs that play while slides of relaxing images are passing. There are 15 different tracks to choose from. One of my favorite sites to take away the stress!

4. LoungeV Studio

Ok, if the images are not something that helps you relax, how about trying some videos? LoungeV Studio puts together relaxing sounds with videos of pictures of beaches and forests. If you do not want to withdraw your stress online, you can always buy the DVD’s from the site, so you

With this site, you can be an authentic sound DJ to relieve stress. It allows you to make a mix of sounds that can include the sound of rain, waves, birds or even wind. All sounds have a small bar. The further to the right this bar is, the more intense that sound will be. You can have up to 10 noises playing simultaneously or just insert those that are most interesting to you. If you want, you can still share your Mix in social media.

6. Nature Sounds For Me

Another website that just by the name explains very well what it does. This site allows you to insert various sounds of nature, causing you to control the audio level of each of these sounds. This facilitates in your mix because you will be able to hear more loudly that sound that you like more and to leave lower the one that less likes. You can choose up to four sounds from nature and save your mix to listen in the future. This site also has an iOS app.

7. Noisli

Another site that allows the mix of several sounds simultaneously, being that you control the sound of each one of them. In addition to its excellent design, Noisli also has a very interesting detail: the site changes color according to the sounds you choose. If you have more aggressive sounds, the color is closer to red. If you have more relaxing sounds, the page is closer to blue. It also has an iPad app.

8. SoundDrown

SoundDrown has ten types of sounds. Unlike most sites, where all sounds originate in nature, SounDrown has other sounds like coffee, White Noise and even the sound of a playground. All clips last for about 30 seconds, which is more than enough to take the stress out of work. It is possible for the user to mix more than one sound at a time.

9. Raining.FM

Despite being the last site on the list, Raining.FM is not at all a bad option. With it, you will be able to find several types of sounds of rain, that go from the calm rain to the one more intense with a great thunderstorm. In addition, Raining also has two stopwatches. One for you to use while you sleep and another for you to know when you have to take a break from your work. When the time is up, the site stops transmitting sound.

10. The Quiet Place Project

Do you need a place to remove your stress and find none? The Quiet Place Project can help you. On this site, you will find text that aims to relax you for a few minutes. During that time frame, you will read a few sentences that will help you reflect on what is most important to your life. The sound that accompanies the whole video is also an interesting way to relax. To begin with, you just need to choose your language, otherwise, you will see the English text.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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