20 Best apps to improve photos on Android and iPhone

With the use of smartphones, today is more common if you come across an edited photo than an authentic one. But that’s not a problem as it allows you to highlight positive details or to improve small defects such as poor lighting or even the famous shaky photos. It’s no wonder applications to handle photos are among the most downloaded for mobile phones.

With this popularity, what is not lacking are excellent options, which meet all kinds of taste and purpose. Want more Instagram filter options? There are apps with a wide variety of filters available.

Want to create a motivational image to use as one of your post ideas? Most of the apps in this article can serve this purpose. Do you need a tooth whitening to do well and earn followers at Insta? Then you are in the right article.

Now that you’ve understood how these applications for handling photos on Android and iPhone can help you, check out the list below!

1. Adobe Lightroom

A simpler option compared to Photoshop, his best-known brother. That’s why Adobe Lightroom makes it even more appealing to beginners who are still getting the hang of applications to handle photos. The program works by Creative Cloud, allowing you to make edits on Android and iPhone and on the computer.

Among its main features, we highlight the possibility of adjusting light and colors of a photo, apply cuts, rotate or resize your images. Lightroom also offers a collection of filters, which can make your work easier and avoid wasting time by editing detail in the images.

Get to know everything about Adobe Lightroom for computers or mobile devices through the link!

2. Path On

Perfect for anyone who wants to create memes. Path On is an application for the sole purpose of helping you put subtitles in your photos. Just open the app, draw a line where you want the text to appear, and place your caption.

It also brings a variety of editing tools and has a decent set of fonts for creating your captions. Find out more about Path On by downloading it on your iPhone!

3. Camera + 2

An option for iPhone users who like the native camera app, but want something more. In addition to more settings when it comes to handling your photos, it brings a variety of editing tools, making it an option among applications for handling photos.

The second version of Camera + has evolved all its tools and now allows you to capture and edit images in RAW format, the best quality among all image formats. That is, it is the ideal app for those who invest seriously in photography by cell phone. Click the link to download it on your iPhone!

4. Instagram

Yes, the social network itself can be included in the list of best applications for treating photos. After all, the app lets you natively access the camera and offers simple editing tools.

You can crop images, resize and rotate them, and various filter options to apply. Simple but effective if your goal is to use it on the platform itself. Download Instagram on iPhone or Android.

5. FaceFusion

This app can make your photos a lot of fun since your focus is on mixing face pictures into one. FaceFusion saves all the images you put in it, allowing you to revisit your creations.

You can also create effects as a mix of your face with that of a celebrity, or simply use to have fun with your friends. Access the link to use FaceFusion on iPhone!

6. ToolWiz Pro Editor

A professional photo editor, ToolWiz brings hundreds of editing tools and features to use in your photos. The app has about 40 different filters – something similar to what Instagram offers.

Among other features, the app allows you to make improvements according to the weather, season or part of the day the photo was taken. He also transforms his photos into a kind of artistic drawing, using only artificial intelligence to read his photo and do the creation.

See more about what the Toolwiz has to offer by downloading the app on your Android via the link!

7. ProCollage

If you are looking for applications to process photos and turn them into college, ProCollage is a good indication. It allows you to place up to nine photos and adjust your placement and size in the college.

ProCollage is ideal for commemorative photos or to record significant occasions. Click the link to download it on your iPhone.

8. Pixlr

One of the applications to handle more traditional photos when we talk about sites to create online assemblies. We say this because Pixlr has multiple functions.

It serves both to edit photos and make them better than to create your own graphic designs. Bringing an interface similar to Photoshop, it does not require as much memory from the computer and is easy to adapt for anyone who already uses Adobe software.

Some of its tools allow you to cut and resize images, create collages and automatic color balancing, among many others. Pixlr is available on both Android and iPhone.

9. A Color Story

If you use Instagram frequently – enjoy and see how to create quick answers in Direct in this article! -, this app is right for you.

Color Story is ideal for anyone who produces Stories because it has more than a hundred filters that you can use. In addition, it also brings a varied range of elements that it can include and tools for editing, making it a complete editor among applications for handling photos.

The app is available for both Android and iPhone users!

10. Color Splash Photo

Perfect for anyone who likes colorful photos. The function of Color Splash Photo is just this: throw a bucket with several paints in your photos, creating vibrant images.

Through it, you can define which colors you want to include and at which points they should appear. It allows you to color grayscale photos or make the reverse path, that is, turn photos into black and white colors like an old movie.

The Color Splash Photo can be downloaded on the iPhone and Android!

11. Lidow

For those looking for a richer experience with photo applications, Lidow is an interesting option.

Among the features of the app, you can edit your images to correct imperfections or adjust details such as light, color, and saturation, among others. It also allows you to create collages and use your collection of filters.

Lidow is available for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

12. Dreamscope

Ever wanted to have caricatures or see a picture of you as if it were a Mona Lisa or another type of artistic painting? Dreamscape is one of the best apps to do this.

When you submit your photo to the app, you’ll have a variety of filters inspired by famous painters available. The paid version brings even more filter options inspired by paintings or cartoons. Click the link to download it on your iPhone!

13. Perfect365

One of the best applications to treat photos if your intention is to make corrections like taking out dark circles or removing wrinkles. Perfect365 brings tools to hide these imperfections.

In addition, it has a number of tools for virtual makeup. In this way, you can simulate your own face made up with beauty products that you have at hand. One of the best applications for bloggers you can download.

Download Perfect365 by the link and start using it on your iPhone!

14. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you are used to using Photoshop, you can also treat your photos through your mobile version, Adobe Photoshop Express. The app has most of the functions of its most robust computer brother.

With it, you can add text to photos, allowing you to create memes. In addition, it is also possible to edit TIFF images and make all kinds of adjustments, such as cropping, resizing, setting exposure levels, saturation, and color, among many others.

Adobe Photoshop Express is available for Android or iPhone users.

15. Lenka

Similar to Color Splash Photo, Lenka also works with grayscale images. The app lets you adjust the monochrome tone of your photos.

It also allows you to change the format of your images to vertical or horizontal and adjust contrast and saturation. Lenka also makes it easy for you to share photos with social media, with buttons that automatically take you to Facebook or Instagram to post your work. Download Lenka for iPhone via the link.

16. Qwik

Not to be confused with GoPro’s Quik video-editing application . Although the proposal is similar to that of the other app, Qwik is intended only for those who want to edit images.

It brings one of the largest collections among the applications to treat photos that we  brought in this list. For example, it brings about 600 stickers and 50 filters that you can put on any of your images.

Qwik also allows you to add text – with 51 available fonts – and borders for various templates. To learn more about the app, download it to your iPhone via the link!

17. Filterstorm Neue

One of the applications to handle more complete photos from this list. Filterstorm Neue has a tricky name, but it pays off by offering almost all sorts of editing tools.

You can edit black and white tones, contrast, saturation, shadows, and exposure, as well as add effects like blur, add text, and watermarks to protect your intellectual property.

In addition to these tools, the app also brings a collection of filters and effects to make your photos look better, but without putting much effort. Click the link to download Filterstorm Neue!


If you want an editor with a more artistic touch, Enlight may be more interesting than Filterstorm Neue. It also allows you to make adjustments to the saturation and exposure levels, along with other tools.

However, it brings filters to make your monochrome photos (black and white), a corrector with artificial intelligence that makes the corrections automatically and the possibility of creating collages. See more about Enlight on their App Store page .

19. PicLab

With an interface reminiscent of Photoshop, PicLab uses layers to make it easier to edit or create your images. It brings tools such as cut and resize, while allowing you to add text and has its own collection of graphics and fonts to include in your works.

You can also make overlays, add textures, and use a variety of shapes available in PicLab. Download the app on your Android or iPhone .

20. Snapseed

Google’s free image editor closes our list of apps for treating photos on Android and iPhone. The app is simple and complete, allowing you to perform basic edits in a few strokes. You can use it to make corrections, use different types of brushes, and tweak the structure of images.

He is also one of the few to open RAW files, ideal for anyone who wants to take professional photos with his cell phone. Snapseed also has a unique technology that allows you to select up to 8 points of an image and apply an action simultaneously, saving time.

Despite being a Google app, Snapseed can be downloaded for free on both Android and iPhone !

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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