Send WhatsApp messages to numbers not saved in Android and iOS

Easy Message is a small application available for Android and iOS that allows you to send WhatsApp messages even without storing the number in the phone book

How to send WhatsApp messages to non-Phonebook numbers on Android and iOS

How to send WhatsApp messages to non-Phonebook numbers on Android and iOS

Here is a brand new application that will allow you to finally start a chat on WhatsApp simply by entering the phone number, without having the number stored in the phone book.

In fact, we can officially start a chat on WhatsApp with a contact stored in the phone book, but if the number is not saved then it is impossible to start a chat if we are not contacted by the other person first.

Easy Message is an application available for both Android and iOS that will allow you, simply by entering the phone number, to open a WhatsApp conversation directly on the official application.

With Easy Message you send WhatsApp messages to any number without saving it in the phone book, and simply by entering a phone number you can start a conversation on WhatsApp.

All you need is a simple copy/paste of the phone number from the call log, text message, email, notes and just open the app and enter the number to start chatting.

Download Easy Message for Android and iOS

The Easy Message application is available free for both Android and iOS and you can download it by clicking on the following links for the respective operating systems. The app requires access to mobile data and the full connection profile.

Easy Message for Android

Easy Message for iOS

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