Use Spotify without ads in Windows PC 2020

Do you want remove advertising from Spotify for Windows PC: updated and working guide. Here is the best way to block Spotify ads in 2020

Spotify without advertising on Windows PC: here's how | February 2019

Block advertising Spotify on Windows PC


Tired of advertising on Spotify? Do you want to listen to your songs without advertising on Spotify?

Here’s how to remove and block advertising on Spotify for free on Windows PCs.

What is Spotify?

I think everyone knows what Spotify is, what it’s for and how it works. I do not think it’s necessary to explain to anyone what Spotify is, nowadays millions and millions of people use this powerful service that allows you to listen to music and MP3 songs in streaming for free.

For those who have never heard of  Spotify, remember that it is a music streaming service that allows you to access a wide repertoire of songs from its website or via mobile app (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

Although free in the basic version, after two or three songs, Spotify obliges the user to listen to advertisements, except in the Premium version, which is for paid.

However, there is a method to block this kind of ads, and that is what we will discuss in this article.

Remove, block and delete advertisements Spotify PC Windows

I’m sure that most users are satisfied with the free version of Spotify, which allows you to listen to millions of songs in streaming as long as you accept some limitation and listen to advertisements between one song and another.

Those who no longer have the chance to listen to advertising on Spotify and want all the Premium features, have decided to subscribe to a paid subscription and, at a cost of 10 dollars per month, enjoy the best of Spotify without any limit and without any advertising, with the ability to download songs for offline listening and to enjoy the highest quality with regard to sound.

Then there are those who are simply tired of advertising on Spotify and want to remove it or block it on Windows PC. And to do that you have to use the program that I mention below, a specially modified version of Spotify for Windows PC that blocks advertising automatically.

Using this app is very simple: you will have to replace (or better, uninstall) the official app of Spotify for Windows with the one that I propose below and automatically the advertising within the app will be removed and blocked.

But let’s see in detail how to do it.


  • Windows PC
  • Internet connection
  • Spotify “mod” version -> find the links just below

Spotify Music v1.1.0.237 ADS Remover | 62.3 Mb

LINK: (copy and paste the address in the browser)

Once you have downloaded the program, removing and blocking advertising on Spotify for Windows PC is really simple:

  • you must uninstall any version of Spotify already present on your Windows PC
  • download the “modified” program you find just above
  • install it on your Windows computer
  • Once you have installed the “modified” version of Spotify for Windows PC, you will need to log in and start listening to the songs: the advertising will be automatically blocked and you will be able to listen to all the songs you want without commercials.


At this point, we have completed all the operations necessary to remove the advertisements from our Spotify.

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