How to get root rights on BlueStacks for Windows PC or Mac

Do you need to get root rights on BlueStacks for Windows PC or Mac? Here is the easiest and fastest way to root BlueStacks

How to root the BlueStacks - Always working guide

BlueStacks root rights PC Windows and Mac: how to do?

Do you need to root BlueStacks on a Windows or Mac PC?

Here is the easiest and fastest way. In a few steps you will get the root on BlueStacks and you will be free to start and run all the apps you want.

What is BlueStacks?

Without turning around too much, I can tell you that BlueStacks is the best emulator currently available to try out the Android operating system on Windows and Mac PCs. 

It is a lightweight, free and easy to use program that allows us to use all the apps made for Android even on our computers, taking advantage of all the potential of mouse and keyboard for example to play the titles available only for Android.

At the same time, with BlueStacks we can use all those apps on Windows and Mac PC that are only available for Android. Just think of all streaming apps like TVTAP, which unfortunately can only work on Android and not on Windows or Mac.

In short, having a program like BlueStacks for Windows PC or Mac is really essential for anyone.

How to root BlueStacks?

The only “flaw” of BlueStacks is that by default the program does not have root rights enabled.

This means that if you need to install and use apps or programs that require root on BlueStacks you can not run them unless you follow our guide.

In fact, below we explain the easiest way that will allow you to get the root rights on BlueStacks for Windows PC and Mac. Within a few seconds, following our instructions and a very clear video, you can root BlueStacks and as a result you can start any application or program without any limit, as you can access all the system folders to modify and customize anything.

BlueStacks root guide

But let’s not lose ourselves in chatter, let’s start with the guide and go straight to our goal!

Here’s what you need to do to get BlueStacks rooted on Windows and Mac PCs: 

  • Download BlueStacks from HERE for Windows or Mac
  • Install BlueStacks on Windows or Mac
  • Once the BlueStacks configuration is complete, download the tool to root the BlueStacks automatically from HERE
  • Follow the instructions in this video: in a few clicks you will have made the BlueStacks root

All clear? A few simple steps will be enough to unlock the root on BlueStacks. 

For any questions or questions please leave a comment at the end of the article and we will reply as soon as possible.

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