How to put Flash when I receive a call on iPhone. How to flash the Flash when I receive a call on iPhone. Setting Flash on iPhone Received calls

How to activate the Flash on iPhone when I receive a call

How to activate the Flash on iPhone when I receive a call

All iPhones do not have the notification LEDs, which can be very convenient to have a visual notification if we receive a call, a message or an email and although there are alternative solutions, a very popular one is to activate the LED flash of the camera to receive a visual and flashing notification when we receive any call, message, WhatsApp or other, all set by iOS comfortably.

Activate Flash flash on iPhone [Guide]

To activate the flashing LED flash on iPhone when receiving a call, which can also be very helpful for people with hearing problems, we must:

  • Go to Settings
  • Look for the General entry
  • Find the Accessibility entry
  • And finally on Hearing
  • Now that we are in the correct menu, let’s go to the Flash LED option for alerts and move the switch to ON.

At the bottom we also find the option Flash with silent to make the flash blink even in silent mode.

Set Flash notifications flashed on iPhone

If you want to customize the Flash activation not only for calls but also for individual app, simply go to Settings and then Notifications, and select under the heading Sounds the switch to OFF in order to activate the LED flash of the cameras for any given app.

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In short, a convenient function that can come in handy in many cases.


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