After you back up, you also have to know how to restore it.

It’s not very difficult, either through iCloud or iTunes. If you’re seeing an error such as “a newer version of iOS is required,” try setting up the phone as a new one (without restoring backup), updating the system, and then formatting the iPhone again.

Before you see how to restore the backup, if you have not yet reset the device, check out iTunes or iCloud if there is an active backup. Then format the phone and follow the steps below:

By iCloud

How to restore iPhone backup from iCloud or iTunes

  1. Turn on the iPhone and go through the “Hello” screen. If you have not yet reached it, format the cell phone;
  2. Choose the Restore from iCloud Backup option;
  3. Sign in to iCloud and select a backup;
  4. Enter your Apple ID data to restore your iTunes purchases;
  5. Wait for the iCloud restore to complete.

Ready! Your iPhone should look like it used to.

Through iTunes

  1. Install iTunes on your computer and connect the iPhone
  2. Tap the iPhone icon in the upper left corner to enter your device page;
  3. Click the Restore Backup … option;
  4. Choose the most appropriate backup;
  5. If necessary, enter the iCloud or encrypted backup password;
  6. Click Restore and wait for the restore to complete.
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Ready! Your iPhone should look like it used to.


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