How to Invite all friends to a Facebook event

In the past, it was necessary to use the Invite All Friends plugin for Google Chrome. But Facebook has made an update and you can invite all your friends to an event using the social networking platform. The process is quite simple and you just need to select all your friends to invite them to a party, for example.


This process can be time consuming if you have many friends (thousands of them). And, instead of ticking one by one, you can click “Select All” with a single click. If there is someone you do not want to invite, just uncheck the person.

Inviting friends to an event you created

  1. Go to the page of your event on Facebook;
  2. Click on “Invite” (invite anyone who is not on Facebook via SMS and email);
  3. It will open a window with all your contacts organized by groups;
  4. Click “Select All”;
  5. Click “Send Invitations.”

Note: The ability to invite all at once works only in the web version. In the mobile app, you have to search for and send invitations to the event one by one.

Inviting all friends to someone’s event

  1. Go to the event already created ;
  2. Click “Share” below the cover photo;
  3. Click on “Invite Friends”;
  4. Browse and select friends to invite, then click “Send Invitations”.

If you are the organizer, you can choose different privacy settings for who can see, join or add new guests to your event.

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