How to reset or format your iPhone or iPad

If you want to sell your device or just leave it behind, know that you can restore your iPhone or iPad to factory defaults, a process that will reset the iPhone and format the phone’s memory. This option causes all applications and data (photos, videos, and files) to be deleted without a trace.

It’s also good to restore your iPhone or iPad when you find a bug that you can barely solve. There are two ways to do this: by the device itself and by iTunes. This last one mainly helps who forgot the password of the device and can no longer log in.

How to reset or format your iPhone or iPad

Just do not forget to back up the iPhone with all your data before, huh?

Restore or reset iPhone by mobile

  1. First of all, it’s good to leave your iCloud account if the device will not stay with you after formatting. Otherwise, when you restore the iPhone or iPad, it will ask for the password of your account. To do this, go to Settings> Your Name> Sign Out. If your name does not appear at the top of the Settings app, scroll down and tap iCloud and then tap Logout;
  2. Go back to Settings> General> Reset;
  3. The right option to delete everything is Delete Content and Settings. Touch it and follow the steps to complete the restore to factory defaults.

Restore or reset the iPhone through iTunes

  1. Install iTunes on your computer;
  2. Take the iPhone or iPad cable and plug it into the computer;
  3. Enter the password for your device and click Trust this computer. If you do not remember your password, follow the steps on this page of Apple;
  4. Open your device in iTunes by clicking the icon next to the Music menu in the upper left corner;
  5. Just below the name or model of your iPhone, click Restore iPhone… or Restore iPad;
  6. Confirm the decision by clicking Restore in the dialog box that appears.


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