How to access the PC remotely from your phone (or other computer)

Need to remotely access your PC (or cell phone) that is elsewhere? You can get remote access either from another computer as a smartphone, thanks to programs like TeamViewer or Remote Desktop Google Chrome (Chrome Remote Desktop). Learn to use both when you are away from home.

How to access the PC remotely from your phone (or other computer)

TeamViewer Remote Access

The TeamViewer is the most popular for a reason: it is very good. It does not need complicated settings, it encrypts your data and is free for personal use. To use, just download it here, install it and start using it. The connection is made when you enter the computer ID and password (which appear on the TeamViewer splash screen).

In addition to controlling the PC remotely, you can change the screen resolution and transmission quality; if it is too slow, simply decrease the quality. You can also chat, transfer files, and tweeze or drag with two fingers to zoom in or scroll.

Remote access on Chrome Remote Desktop

The Google solution is also great and works almost everywhere ( Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android ) as an extension to Google Chrome. But you need to install additional software to proceed. Follow the steps below to make it work:

  1. With Chrome open, install Chrome Remote Desktop;
  2. Sign in with your Google account and authorize the app to connect;
  3. Below “My Computers,” click Get started;
  4. Then, click Enable Remote Connections;
  5. If you are prompted to install Host Installer, click Accept and Install;
  6. Wait for the download to finish and run the downloaded program;
  7. Complete the installation, go back to the Chrome extension, and click OK;

Additional Remote Access on Chrome Remote Desktop:

  1. If necessary, configure a PIN to allow remote connection and click OK again;
  2. On the Mac, you still need to authorize it in another window that you opened. Click the padlock, enter your computer password, then enter the PIN you just set and click Activate;
  3. Ready! Now just download the app for AndroidiOS or another PC, log in with your Google account and connect.

At first it seems difficult, but once you configure everything the connection becomes very easy and instantaneous.
If you do not have Chrome open at the time of connection, the app will connect in the same way.

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