How to remove Internet Explorer completely from Windows 10

Internet Explorer has long been Microsoft’s default browser for Windows, and because of this, some specific sites such as banks needed it to work properly. Although still running Windows 10, due to performance issues and fewer features compared to its competitors, it was no longer widely used and popular, including being replaced by Microsoft Edge.

While being overlooked by many users, due to the reasons mentioned above, Microsoft has chosen to keep Internet Explorer 11 installed on Windows 10, but not as their default browser. Even recently, the company itself advised users of its operating system that the old program is dropped. Here’s how to completely remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10.


The process for removing Internet Explorer from Windows is done through native system features, ie the following tutorial offers no risk to the computer. If you regret that you uninstalled the browser, you can also reinstall it at any time you deem necessary.

How to Remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10

In addition to the caveats above, just as it is necessary to uninstall any other program, this requires an account with administrator privileges on the machine. Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Open the Start menu and look for the “Control Panel”. Enter it;
  2. In the “Programs” section, click “Uninstall a program”;
  3. Now, you should note that Internet Explorer is not part of the list. Then click “Enable or disable Windows features”;
  4. In the window that appears, look for Internet Explorer 11 in the list and uncheck it. In the message that appears, click Yes, then “Ok”;
  5. Restart the computer.

Ready! After you restart the computer, Internet Explorer is no longer present in Windows. If you need to install it, just follow the same step above, mark the box next to it in the list and restart the computer for it to be reinstalled.

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