How to turn off auto Search for Bluetooth Devices in Windows 10

Most of today’s notebooks have integrated a Bluetooth card so you can connect handsets that use this type of connection without major problems. However, even when you do not use such a device, Windows is constantly searching for devices that use this connection, which causes your computer’s battery to run out faster, making you more vulnerable to unknown connections.

Fortunately, this configuration, although not easy to access or intuitive, can be modified within Windows 10 so you save some of your battery and have more security in the system. Here’s how to disable Windows automatic search for Bluetooth devices.


The following process can be reversed at any time, however, it is necessary to warn that some Bluetooth devices may not work correctly while the function mentioned below is disabled. So keep in mind that this method is only recommended for those who do not use devices that use this type of connection.

How to disable the automatic search for Bluetooth devices

In addition to the above caveats, just like any other system configuration, the following steps require an account with Windows administrator privileges. Here’s how to disable the automatic Bluetooth search:

  1. Press the “Win + R” keys together and enter the command: services.msc. Press “Enter”;
  2. Look for the “Bluetooth Support Service” function and double-click on it;
  3. Under “Startup Type,” leave it as “Disabled.” Click “Apply” and then “Ok”;
  4. Restart the computer.

Ready! After you have restarted your computer, Windows is no longer automatically searching for Bluetooth devices.

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