How to prevent from the ill effects caused by continuous use of SmartPhones

We all continually use our smartphones. It has a bad effect on our eyes. Many people ignore this point. One of the reasons for this is that our lifestyle and work do not allow us to leave the smartphone or other electronic devices. A University of Toledo research has revealed that due to continuous working on a smartphone or other device for a long time, a person can lose his eyesight by the age of 50. There are also more possibilities for eye disease. In such a way, we are telling you a few ways to avoid this problem.

By adopting these methods will not cause eye disease :

  • According to Optical Chemistry Research, Blue Light transforms important molecules into cell membranes in the eye retina. It has a profound impact on the eyes.
  • It has been claimed in the study that working in Blue Light continuously can cause eye disorders. Or the person can lose the power to see till the age of 50.
  • For this, you can turn on the Blue Light by going to the display settings of your smartphone. With this, you can also choose high-quality screen protectors.
  • If you work continuously on a computer, you should do a continuous checkup. In order to keep your eye right, you should also consult the doctor and bring you the i-drops.
  • In the dark, there should not be any other device’s screen including smartphones. If you put the specs then you should choose high-quality lenses which come with Blue Light and UV filters.
  • Eyes should be washed regularly from day to day. Applying night glasses at night is also a better option.

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