10 Most Important Apps that You Need To Install on Your Android Right Now

The Android system is not my usual system. I’ve been an iOS user for a long time, however, with the number of smartphones we’ve tested, it’s often times that I spend my time with an Android smartphone.

At the moment I’m with the Huawei P30 Pro and the first thing to do when I get a new smartphone is the same. Install Apps that I use regularly.

Here are 10 Apps that can not be missed on my Android smartphone

I will not bother you with apps like Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps or even Google Photos. These are mandatory and most used by everyone. So, I bring you Apps that not everyone has and that I believe you will only get to install.

In this variety of applications, I give you some customization, other productivity and even the best Android game ever. That is, if you do not have any of these applications, you have to install.

Lawnchair Launcher – Free download here

Even today we write about this launcher. I am a lover of minimalism and look like pure Android. The launcher can have Icon Pack, can give Google Feed and is light and fast. Best impossible. You know more about launcher and how to install Google Feed here.

Snapseed – Free download here

This is the best photo editing app you can have on Android. Although I often use photoshop on my PC to edit my photos, I often choose to take Snapseed. In fact, almost all the photos of our Instagram ( which you can follow here ) go through this application.

Opera Browser – Free download here

Apart from Google Chrome, Opera Browser is another application that I have to have. A lot because it gives you a free, secure and unlimited VPN. You can learn more about activating this VPN here, but before that, you need to install the app on the Google Play Store.

PUBG MOBILE – Free download here

The promised is due, this is the best game you can install on your smartphone. Be it Android or iOS. The Battle Royal PUBG conquered me in the middle of last year and I’m still as addicted as on the first day.

Google Files – Free download here

Files are the perfect application for ordering your smartphone. In addition, you can always clean memory in your equipment. The application is simple and the perfect file manager.

Google Contacts – Free download here

Yap! If you have a Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi … Your contacts application is disorganized until you say it arrives. The Google Contacts app is uniform, stylish and has Dark Mode. In addition, whenever you save a contact goes to your Gmail. When you change smartphones, you’ll find everything the same.

Android Messaging – Free download here

Exactly the same situation as in contacts. Your smartphone may already have a messaging application but this gives 15 to 0. A minimalist application with Dark Mode is organized. Plus it’s smart to find messages by word search.

Podcast Republic – Free download here

As much as you try to like the Google Podcast or Spotify I always go back to the Podcast Republic. An application with a few years but that does not stop to evolve. An app that I like and that I always have on my Android smartphone.

As I said, these are some of the Apps that I really need to have when using an Android smartphone.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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